Is Russia Losing?

So, is Russia losing, as every Western Big Media wants you to believe? 

Apparently, not at all. 

It appears, rather, that the West is lying to you, every day, about many aspects of this operation. 

1) Russia isn’t losing. They are in perfect control of the operations. Does all go as planned? Certainly not, but it never does. War is messy, muddy, chaotic. Read or watch documentaries about any war, and you will see the same. 

2) Russia is trying to spare the civilian population. This, I have maintained since the start of the operation, as I am persuaded that, otherwise, the Russians would have levelled Kiev and the other big cities in no time, terrifying the entire Country into abject submission. 

3) Russia is trying to spare the infrastructure. This is evident by the fact that we don’t see the carnage of bridges, roads and railways we would normally see. The fact is, the Ukrainian army can’t use this infrastructure properly anyway, as they seem either surrounded or bunkered down in big cities. Sure, this makes things slower; but on the other hand, it is allowing Putin to avoid spending huge amounts of money in the reconstruction of the portion of the Country he wants to keep. Which, if he is so attentive in saving the infrastructure, could, actually, be all of it. 

4) Russia is sparing the fields and the 2022 harvest. Smart move, this one. It avoids a local food crisis and leaves Vlad in charge of the Food Lever for foreign countries, including Europe. 

5) The Ukrainian Neonazis are preventing civilians to flee and, effectively, taking them hostage. I have written on this very recently, and I find it no less than North Korean that the Western media would insist in not seeing a huge crime against humanity committed just in front of their eyes. It’s those who are losing, and face certain annihilation in case of combat, who have an interest in keeping the civilians as human shields. The Russians are perfectly fine with letting all the civilians out and then either dealing with their vastly inferior enemy or, if necessary, bomb them to oblivion. Take the civilians out of the equation, it’s crunch time for Zelensky & Co. 

Summa Summorum: it seems to me that, whilst nobody is perfect and every army makes mistakes, Putin is behaving as soundly as can be reasonably expected by anyone who does not go to kindergarten. 

The ones who are unreasonable are, in fact, the Ukrainians, using Nazi thugs to keep civilians prisoners, promising Russian soldiers who surrender that they will be “slaughtered like pigs” (this is the original tone on their Facebook page, then cancelled; look it up because I don’t have the link) and, in general, behaving like they had a chance, Goebbels-style, when they have none. 

Putin knows what he is doing. 

The Western media understand this perfectly. 

It’s just that they do not want to tell you.

Is Russia Losing?