It is the hour of the rapture!

Carbonia 16.03.2022

It is the hour of the rapture!

Behold, I, God, come to take my children to put them in a safe place.

Prepare your hearts, my children, your time has come, now you will see what your eyes have never seen. I am about to lower my arm, I am about to cut off the avalanche of evil that is upon this humanity.

Beloved children, I, God, implore your surrender, turn to your God, show yourselves as men capable of understanding, the army of the enemy advances, you will be prey to evil; .... retire to your homes.

Truly I tell you, the time has come for me to announce my intervention, ... I will surprise the enemy and put order where there is none.

I will surprise the enemy and I will bring order where order no longer exists. My fiery spear is my Word, written in the hearts of my children, they will speak of me, they will invoke the Holy Spirit, they will cry out my Holy Name, they will kneel before me.

I see My people united to Me, I see their eyes looking towards Me, they have no other interests, they wait for their God-Love to return home.

The lights of the cities will soon be extinguished, a flood of fire will strike the world! The sun will be extinguished and the moon will no longer give its light, the stars will fall from the sky and the sounds of bombardments will cease. ... God sends his wrath, his Enough!

Let the world know that the time of earthly things is coming to an end while another Earth will open to be inhabited in peace and immense joy.

Sin no more, O men, return to Life to be taken by Life.

Repent of your sins, ask with contrite heart the forgiveness of God.

The last battle is at hand!