Russia's anti-consecration of (anti) Pope Francis

Russia's anti-consecration of (anti) Pope Francis: Bergoglio Corrects Mary

By Andrea Cionci / March 18, 2022 

Great enthusiasm for the announced consecration of Russia ... and Ukraine (!) By "Pope Francis" for March 25th. But are we sure it's a good idea?

We will propose some objective data, then you judge.

Our Lady of Fatima, for Catholics who appeared to the Portuguese shepherd children in 1917, asked for the consecration of ONLY Russia to the POPE, But this request is today not only disregarded, but actually overturned.

First of all, Bergoglio is not the pope, because on February 28, 2013, Benedict XVI did not abdicate, but self-exiled in sede impedita (canon 412), renouncing in a deferred way only the ministerium, the practical exercise of power, and did not simultaneously renounce the munus petrino, that is, the papal investiture of divine origin, as required by canon 332.2

If he remained pope, the 2013 conclave was completely invalid and elected no one at all. If Bergoglio exercises power without having the title, he is an antipope. Period. At the bottom of this article you will find the whole investigation that demonstrates this reality in a way that has never been denied by anyone, not even by the Holy Father Benedict XVI himself when he honored us with his letter of reply . Read it here

Mary's request is overturned

This alone completely overturns the Marian request and it would not even be worthwhile to continue. We are talking about what is defined as a true "heavenly provocation" and perhaps it is not by chance that the Vatican press release strangely cites the Consecration to the "Immaculate Heart" of Mary, overturning the usual wording of Immaculate Heart. 

Mary never mentioned Ukraine

But this is not enough: evidently the Virgin Mary was wrong, she had given imperfect indications and the antipope Francis corrected Her requests, he did better than She did, adding also Ukraine, a country currently an enemy of Russia, which Mary NEVER MENTIONED.

The People's Republic of Ukraine, with its capital in Kiev, was in fact born in March 1917, a few months before the Fatima messages (May-September 1917), so it was already formally another country in the period of the Marian apparitions. It will end up under the Soviets after the Great War, in 1921.

At this point, therefore, why not also consecrate Europe, NATO and the United States? 

Anti-consecration of Russia and Ukraine of Masonic and Rosicrucian origin

The motivation to pair Russia and Ukraine appears not only as a respect to the politically correct, but also as one of those classic "unions of opposites" of an esoteric-Masonic-Rosicrucian matrix so dear to Bergoglio and his very personal religion. Just think of his theory of the "Polyhedron" which in alchemy and hermeticism symbolizes the union of opposites and "reconciled diversity". We are in the world of anti-Christian gnosis at a basic level, but no one is documented.

Bergoglio instructed a cardinal appointed by him (therefore invalid), his almoner Konrad Krajewskj to perform, at the same time, the rite at Fatima.

But do you remember this prelate? He was the "cardinal electrician": he had illegally switched on the power to that occupied building in Rome where, thanks to this illegal operation (it does not seem that the bill of 300,000 euros was then paid by the Vatican, we will ask Acea), it was possible to resume drug dealing, rave parties and a myriad of other crimes

The Krajewski case

Krajewski is also the one who did - with great publicity - the alms to transsexuals during the lockdown so that they could get a subsidy to stop their "business". Do you realize?

Now, according to the Catholic faith, assistance to those unfortunates would have been a duty, but only with a view to conversion, change of life, certainly not as welfare to continue prostitution according to what is considered by the doctrine one of the "Four sins who cry for vengeance to Heaven”. So he gives alms, yes, but also the proclamation of the Gospel, practical help to redeem oneself from prostitution.

And above all, the commandment of Jesus requires that "the right does not know what the left is doing", so everything should have been done in the utmost discretion, certainly not in favor of the camera. Here to read the details.

You understand well that, behind the enthusiasm of the mainstream , there are completely inversive realities that border on pure blasphemy.

Pseudo-consecration of Russia: propaganda operation

The pseudo-consecration, therefore, will be nothing more than a harmful propaganda operation: from the point of view of faith, at best it will not have the slightest effect, if not that of discrediting the Marian message.

The only element that could save the situation (perhaps) is the participation of the real pope, Benedict XVI, at the consecration. We shall see.  

Indeed, if we look at the past few months, we notice that when Bergoglio prayed for God to deliver the world from the pandemic, it got worse. When he called for an Ash fast, the war got worse. He doesn't seem to be heard much on the "upper floors" On the contrary.

If, instead, Russia and Ukraine finally sign a peace agreement, the merit of the operation will serve to consolidate the prestige of the antipope.  So, worse than going at night.

It is worth remembering, finally, that the Third of the Fatima Messages refers, according to many theologians, to the moment of a tragic apostasy in the Church. It speaks of a bishop dressed in white, seen in a mirror (thus backwards) and Bergoglio, in effect, is a bishop dressed in white because with the papacy or antipapacy one loses the status of a cardinal.

Our Lady of Fatima also said, "When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign God is giving you that He is about to chastise the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine and PERSECUTIONS TO THE CHURCH AND THE HOLY FATHER."

And the true Holy Father is Benedict XVI persecuted so much that he had to give up power and today a prisoner in his status of impeded see. Luckily he is still the pope, and just yesterday he let us know once again 

In short: are you still convinced that this "consecration" will be a good thing?