SSPX defends the Traditional Mass for everyone

Pagliarani: Mass For Everyone - No Negotiations

The Society of PiusX fights for the Roman Mass not only for themselves but unconditionally for every priest and for the universal Church, Father Pagliarani explained (transcript of the English January 15 talk in Paris on Traditiones Custodes below).

PiusX doesn't simply want to receive a little side altar or to become part of an amphitheatre where everything else is also permitted. Pagliarani doesn't ask for particular privileges because “this mass is a right for us and for all souls without exception.”

Therefore, PiusX doesn’t want to negotiate to obtain, little by little, some concessions so that they may be given a church here or a slot for Mass there, or may be allowed to use a maniple, a biretta or the Holy Week liturgy.