The terrible hurricane will take the Earth and catapult it away from the sun

Carbonia January 23, 2020

Those moments of which the Holy Scriptures speak in the Apocalypse of John have arrived.

Beloved daughter, write the message that God the Father wants to give to the world.

Those moments spoken of in the Holy Scriptures in the Apocalypse of John have come.

The terrible hurricane will take the Earth and catapult it away from the sun, where there will be frost and fog, where man will have nothing to eat.

My children, you have mocked My Word, you have not wanted to listen to My Voice, you have preferred the God of money to the God of Love, you have enjoyed ephemeral things, oh men, you have disappointed your Creator God, you have distanced Him from your life, you have wanted to walk alone, that is where you have arrived: ... to eternal death! ... to eternal death, to eternal death! Satan has commanded your hearts and has directed your steps towards the abyss of death.

Today at least, listen to my cry for salvation, get down on your knees and ask forgiveness for all the offenses you have committed against me, so that I may forgive you and give you the possibility of salvation.

All that you know today will soon disappear,

The mighty thunder from above will bring change.

Faithful to my love, wait for me, for I am coming.

Fall on your knees before the Crucifix and, prostrate before Him, ask forgiveness for all your sins, confess your horrible sins committed against the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin.

The time has come to be read in all its parts. Fatima is in its fulfillment, may your heart be in purity so that God will not turn you away from His Eyes. Listen to His voice, the hour has come, everything thunders in the great Justice of God!

Thunder O heavens! let hail and fire fall upon the earth! let sin be scattered! let the earth be cleansed!

O man! What a sin you have committed in the Eyes of your Creator, His Chalice is poured out upon you, your pain has begun. Thou shalt see the end of thy life and shalt not be able to save thyself. You have been given time but you have wasted it by mocking His Word. Satan has become your father, you have given him your heart, and so, you will go with him where you will never see the light again and you will be in eternal torment.

O man, you have cast yourself away from Me because you have found hardness in My law, in My commandments. ... found it easier to live without rules, you gave yourself to lust, you twisted my Word, so that today you are reaping what you sowed. Farewell, man, farewell!

I am the Flower of Wheat, I am the Chalice of Eternal Life, I am Perfect Love! I am salvation! ... He who believes in me is saved.

Mercy, mercy on you, O man, who in your pride have denied Life!