The Warning is here

Trevignano Romano, March 3, 2022

Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts and for having knelt in prayer. 

My children, in spite of all that you see around you, many times you do not realize it and you think that the war does not concern you because it is not at home, but unfortunately it is not so; this is the reason for my continuous call to conversion. 

My children, I beg you to accept all my messages with love. I will guide you so that you do not lose your way, and instead of coming closer to God, you deviate. 

My children, the path you have taken is not the right one, others will come, yet you continue to live your little life without thinking that around you the devil is destroying everything and you do not take care of your souls. Do you believe that this is what life is about? But do you not believe that eternal damnation exists if you allow yourselves to be led by the devil? 

My children, pray for the Middle East. 

The Warning is here. Be ready, my children, I beg you. Do not miss confession or the Eucharist, for you must make up for it when you will no longer be able to use them. 

Give me your hands and I will take you where there is joy and pure love. I leave you in peace and bring it to your families. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen 

[Our Lady says that she will also send graces to those present, in particular to a young woman who has a tumor; some of you have prayed today for this intention].