Wicked men, you have fed on the poison of Satan!

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia March 24, 2022

Wicked men, you have fed on the poison of Satan!

Death seizes the world, this Humanity is the slave of My enemy, it has given itself to him body and soul.

God the Father cries out His vengeance. Justice will be done.

You perverse, hypocritical men, you have understood nothing, you have fed on Satan's poison, you no longer think with your minds, you obey Lucifer's orders.

In spite of the events that happen every day in the world, you cling to the things of this Earth and you do not think of returning to Me, you walk as blind, you listen to the song of the evil king who deceives you and dazzles you. You are completely naked of Me, you cannot discern, you are no longer able to manage your life, you are tied to the chains of the one who has torn you away from Me.

The sky is saddened when it looks at you, the Heart of your God-Love, of your Creator, is weeping..... You have not been attentive, you have not preserved your heart from the dangers of the enemy who constantly dazzles you with his false lights.

Poor humanity, where have you gone to, to whom will you ask for help?

I will not be able to hear the cry of those who do not belong to me, of those who have denied me in order to follow another god, I am He who am, you will have nothing of me: ... I do not know you!

They make sacrifices to Baal, ... ... they feed, now, on his eternal poison! ... Go, go to whom you have preferred to Me, My Hands will lift up only those who have believed in Me and have followed My Voice, ... today you laugh, tomorrow you will cry, but you have chosen this.

In My Charity, I intervene to give help to My children and take them with Me where they will enjoy My graces forever, they will delight in My bosom and sit at My table.

The hour of the final challenge has come, Heaven commands charity and love. Return to your Father in Heaven, oh men, repent urgently, the storm is approaching and will not stop, ... weeping and gnashing of teeth come to this unfaithful Humanity.

Judas! ... What you have to do, do it now, I, Almighty God, will answer you!