With your prayers and true faith you can prevent the lll World War


Trevignano Romano, March 24, 2022

Dear daughter, thank you for having heard my call in your heart. 

Men still do not understand the reason for my coming; I want to save this humanity, to whom I say: stop feeding your curiosity by reading my messages, and live them. 

I see that my children are lost and I want to show them the way. I come as a loving Mother to show the light in the midst of darkness. 

With your prayers and true faith you can prevent the third world war, but you are still locked in your shells and see no further.

Catastrophes are approaching, but do not let go of the sacraments. 

In spite of my tears, your hearts are hard and you do not allow the light to enter, I ask you that your faith be not only in words, but in deeds.

You have the most powerful weapon, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, pray. 

As time goes by, the Christian faith will cease to be professed and you will be forced to hide, prepare yourselves also for this, communism is advancing with speed. 

All this will happen and it will be the punishment for the heresies, blasphemies and offenses that have been perpetrated until now.

Now, my daughter, I leave you with my motherly blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.