Excesses of love of Jesus -Luisa Piccarreta

(...)(40) 3o.- "My daughter, rest your head on my Mother's bosom, look at my little Humanity inside her, my Love devoured me, the fires, the oceans, the immense seas of the Love of my Divinity flooded me, incinerated me, raised their flames so high that they rose and spread everywhere, to all generations, from the first to the last man, and my little Humanity was devoured in the midst of so many flames, but do you know what my Eternal Love wanted to make me devour? Ah, the souls! And I was only happy when I devoured them all, when they were all conceived with Me, I was God, I had to act as God, I had to take them all; My Love would not have given Me peace if I had excluded any of them. Ah, my daughter, look well into my Mother's womb, fix your eyes on my newly conceived Humanity, and in Her you will find your soul conceived with Me, and also the flames of my Love that devoured you. Oh, how much I have loved you and I love you.

(41) I was lost in the midst of so much love, I did not know how to get out of there, but a voice was calling me loudly saying to me:

(42) "My daughter, this is nothing yet, lean closer to Me, give your hands to my beloved Mother so that She may hold you close to Her maternal bosom, and you take another look at my little conceived Humanity and see the fourth excess of my Love".

(43) 4th. "My daughter, from the devouring love, go on to look at my working Love. Each conceived soul brought me the burden of its sins, its weaknesses and passions, and my Love ordered me to take the burden of each one, and I not only conceived the souls, but also the sorrows of each one, the satisfactions that each one of them should give to my Heavenly Father. So My Passion was conceived together with Me. Look at Me well in the bosom of My Heavenly Mother. Oh how my little Humanity was torn apart, look well how my little head is surrounded by a crown of thorns, which girding my temples tightly, makes me shed rivers of tears from my eyes, and I cannot move to dry them. Ah, move with compassion for Me, dry my eyes from so much weeping, you who have your arms free to do it to me, these thorns are the crown of so many bad thoughts that crowd human minds, oh, how these thoughts prick Me more than the thorns that the earth produces, but look what a long crucifixion of nine months, I could not move a finger, nor a hand, nor a foot, I was always immobile here, there was no place to move a little, what a long and hard crucifixion, with the addition that all the bad deeds, taking the form of nails, pierced my hands and feet repeatedly". And so He continued to narrate to me, sorrow by sorrow, all the martyrdoms of His little Humanity, and that to tell them all would be too long. Then I would abandon myself to weeping, and I would hear her say within me:

(44) "My daughter, I would like to embrace you but I cannot do it, there is no space, I am immobile, I cannot do it; I would like to come to you but I cannot walk. For now embrace Me and come to Me, then when I leave my mother's womb I will come to you".

(45) But while with my fantasy I embraced Him, I held Him tightly to my heart, an inner voice said to me:

(46) "Enough for now my daughter, and go on to consider the fifth excess of my Love".

(47) 5o.- Then the interior voice continued: "My daughter, do not go away from Me, do not leave Me alone, my Love wants company, this is another excess of my Love, not wanting to be alone. But do you know from whom it wants this company? From the child. Look, in my Mother's womb, with Me are all the creatures conceived together with Me. I am with them all love, I want to tell them how much I love them, I want to talk to them to tell them my joys and my sorrows, to tell them that I have come in their midst to make them happy, to console them, and that I will be in their midst as their little brother giving each one of them all my goods, my kingdom, at the cost of my death. I want to give them my kisses, my caresses; I want to entertain myself with them, but, alas, how many pains they give me, who flee me, who play deaf and reduce me to silence, who despise my goods and do not care for my kingdom and correspond my kisses and caresses with carelessness and forgetfulness of Me, and my entertainment they turn into bitter weeping. Oh, how I am alone, in spite of being in the midst of so many! Oh, how my loneliness weighs on me! I have no one to whom to say a word, with whom to make an outpouring of love; I am always sad and taciturn, because if I speak I am not heard. Ah, my daughter, I beg you, I beg you not to leave me alone in so much loneliness! Give me the goodness to make me speak with listening to Me, give ear to my teachings, I am the master of masters. How many things I want to teach you. If you listen to me, you will make me stop crying and I will entertain myself with you, don't you want to entertain yourself with Me?". And while I abandoned myself to Him, pitying Him in His loneliness, the inner voice continued:

(48) "Enough, enough, go on to consider the 6th excess of my Love."

(49) 6th: "My daughter, come, pray to my beloved Mother to make a little place for you in her womb, so that you yourself may see the painful state in which I find myself.

(50) Then it seemed to my mind that our Queen Mother, in order to please Jesus, was making a little place for me and putting me inside. But the darkness was so great that I could not see Him, I could only hear His breathing, and He continued to say to me inside:

(51) "My daughter, look at another excess of my Love. I am the eternal light, the sun is a shadow of my light, but see where my Love has led me, in what a dark prison I am, there is not even a ray of light, it is always night for Me, but night without stars, without rest, always awake, what a pity, the narrowness of the prison, without being able to move at all, the thick darkness; even the breath, I breathe through the breath of my Mother, oh, how tiring it is! And besides, add the darkness of the faults of the creatures, each fault was a night for Me, which, uniting together, formed an abyss of darkness without limits. What a pity, oh excess of My Love, to make Me pass from an immensity of light, of amplitude, to a depth of dense darkness and of such narrowness, until I lacked the freedom of breathing, and this, all for the love of the creatures!"

(52) And as he said this he groaned, almost with stifled groans for lack of space, and wept. I broke down in tears, I thanked Him, I pitied Him, I wanted to make Him a little light with my love as He told me, but who can say it all? The same inner voice added:

(53) "Enough for now. Pass on to the seventh excess of my Love".

(54) The inner voice continued: "My daughter, do not leave me alone in so much loneliness and in so much darkness, do not leave my Mother's bosom so that you may see the seventh excess of my Love. Listen to me, in the bosom of my Heavenly Father I was fully happy, there was no good that I did not possess, joy, happiness, everything was at my disposal; the reverent angels adored me and were at my command. Ah, the excess of my Love, I could say, made me change fortunes, restricted me in this gloomy prison, stripped me of all my joys, happiness and goods to clothe me with all the unhappinesses of creatures, and all this to make the change, to give them my fortune, my joys and my eternal happiness. But this would have been nothing if I had not found in them supreme ingratitude and obstinate perfidy. Oh, how my eternal Love was astonished at such ingratitude and wept at the obstinacy and perfidy of man. Ingratitude was the most piercing thorn that pierced my heart from my conception until the last instant of my Life, until my death. Look at my little heart, it is wounded and dripping blood. What sorrow! What pain I feel! My daughter, do not be ungrateful; ingratitude is the hardest sorrow for your Jesus, it is closing the doors in my face to leave me outside, terrified with cold. But in the face of so much ingratitude, my Love did not stop and put itself in an attitude of supplicating, praying, groaning and begging Love, and this is the eighth excess of my Love".

(55) 8th. "My daughter, do not leave me alone, rest your head on the bosom of my beloved Mother, because also from outside you will hear my groans, my supplications, and seeing that neither my groans nor my supplications move the creature to compassion of my Love, I put myself in the attitude of the poorest of beggars and extending my little hand, I ask for mercy, at least as alms, for their souls, their affections and their hearts. My Love wanted to conquer man's heart at any cost, and seeing that after seven excesses of My Love, he remained reluctant, he played deaf, he did not care for Me nor did he want to give himself to Me, My Love wanted to go further, it should have stopped, but no, it wanted to go beyond its limits, and from My Mother's bosom I made My voice reach every heart with the most insinuating ways, with the most fervent entreaties, with the most penetrating words. But do you know what I used to say to them? "My son, give Me your heart, whatever you want, I will give you as long as you give Me your heart in exchange; I have come down from Heaven to take it, oh, do not deny it to Me! And seeing him reluctant, and that many turned their backs on me, I turned to moaning, put my little hands together and crying, with a voice choked with sobs, I added: "Oh, oh, I am the little beggar, do you not even want to give me your heart for alms? "Is this not a greater excess of my Love, that the Creator, in order to approach the creature, takes the form of a little child so as not to instill fear in him, and asks at least as alms the heart of the creature, and seeing that she does not want to give it to him, begs, moans and weeps?"

(56) Then she said to me, "And you do not want to give me your heart, and perhaps you also want me to groan, beg and weep so that you will give me your heart? Do you want to deny me the alms I ask of you?"

(57) And as she said this, she heard as if she were sobbing, and I said to her: "My Jesus, do not weep, I give you my heart and all of myself". Then the inner voice continued: "Go on further, and pass on to the ninth excess of my Love.

(58) 9th: "My daughter, my state is always more painful, if you love me, keep your gaze fixed on Me, so that you may see if you can give your little Jesus some consolation, a little word of love, a caress, a kiss, that will give respite to my weeping and my afflictions. Listen my daughter, after having given eight excesses of my Love, and that man so badly corresponded to me, my Love did not give up, and to the eighth excess it wanted to add the ninth, and this was the anxieties, the sighs of fire, the flames of desires that I wanted to leave my mother's womb to embrace man, and this reduced my little unborn Humanity to such an agony that I was about to give my last breath. And while I was about to give it, my Divinity, which was inseparable from Me, gave me sips of life, and thus I resumed life again to continue my agony and to die again. This was the ninth excess of my Love, to agonize and die continually of love for the creature. Oh, what a long agony of nine months! Oh, how love suffocated me and made me die! And if I had not had the Divinity with Me, who continually gave me life every time I was about to die, love would have consummated me before I came out into the light of day." Then she added:

(59) "Look at me, listen to me as I agonize, as my little heart beats, labors, burns; look at me, now I die."

(60) And he made a deep silence. I felt myself dying, my blood froze in my veins, and trembling, I said to Him: "My Love, my Life, do not die, do not leave me alone, You want love and I will love You, I will not leave You any more, give me Your flames so that I may love You more and consume myself all for You".

Book of Heaven Volume 01 46