Jesus will set foot on Earth to inhabit it with all his children

Revelations from 

Carbonia August 8, 2020 (message received on the hill). Go ahead my children, the battle is open,

but the children of God will be protected by their Creator God.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I bless you and I exhort you to be ever stronger in this end time.

The battle rages, Satan is furious with my children, therefore, today I come to you on this Hill in a special way, I come to take you in my arms, to consecrate you to my Immaculate Heart and to take care of you in this situation.

Jesus is the one who will soon return to tread the Earth to inhabit it with all his children, with all those who know how to take the situation in their hands and fight it as Jesus asked. ...Away with the traitors! ... ...they shall be cast into the fires of hell. Away with those who have not deigned to do the will of God and have made themselves gods on earth! Their time is over, oh men, your era is over; now you will see the children of God make their great debut! They will inhabit a new Earth, they will be great and they will be divine in Divinity because they will inhabit Divinity.

O you, men who are unfaithful to your Creator God, ... ...just a little more and you will have marked your end forever will suffer infinite pain in the Geenna where you will embrace your god, whom you have followed in my place: you have renounced eternal life,

you have renounced the beauties of heaven, you have renounced the new paradise.

My children, you have turned away from me, ... not I from you! I have called you day and night with tears and pain so that I could embrace you again in my arms, but you have remained deaf to my voice, to my plea.

Time is up, ... Satan is defeated and he knows it, now he will fight with more fury against the children of God, but they will be protected by his Angels, no pain will befall them, on the contrary they will be great and they will be charitable with their brothers, as the Lord will ask them to be.

Children of God, of the one true God, of the King of kings, of the living God, embrace love in Christ, ... embrace his Cross, and you will be victorious.

And now, let yourselves be accompanied by the Blessed Mother who will never leave you alone; she will always be at your side to protect you from the attacks of the Evil One. Every attempt of aggression against you will fall upon them in a bad way.


Whoever, on this Earth, has set himself against Jesus Christ, will suffer great pain and the loss of his soul.

No one is greater than God, than the King of kings, than Jesus Christ, the Son of God. No one on this earth can defeat the Son of God.

God came to this Earth to bring LOVE, the Commandment of love. He came to embrace a Humanity with Love, but man, already taken over by Satan, did not want to listen to the voice of God and crucified him, ... blasphemed and mocked Him, ... But God is God! His plan of salvation continues, His angels will now fight alongside His children. In this final battle, guided by Mary Most Holy, you will go to victory in Christ Jesus.

Abandon yourselves completely in the arms of your Creator God, only in Him will you find the right Refuge, only in Him will you be saved.

Come on my children, the battle is open, a fire will be lit, it will be a fuse that will explode over the whole earth, but the children of God will be protected by their Creator God.

My children, be strong, be joyful, you are about to enter the Kingdom of God!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I bless you and embrace you in my Sacred Heart.

I give you into the arms of my Mother, Mary Most Holy, She who led me through this earthly Calvary to the Resurrection.

Behold, my beloved, I leave you in her hands so that she may protect you from every evil situation.

My Most Holy Mother, to you I entrust these children today, you are their Mother, they are your children.

I entrust them to you, Mother, today I entrust them again to you,

as I entrusted them to you at the foot of the cross.

Today I renew this desire of mine.

I give them to you again here, at the foot of this Hill, before this Grotto that I will soon make luminous in Me.

Blessed and praised be at all times the Most Holy and Divine Sacrament. Blessed and praised be at all times the Most Holy and Divine Sacrament. May the Most Holy and Divine Sacrament be praised and blessed at all times.

Whoever tries, whoever tries, whoever tries to disturb this place, will be crushed by the foot of Mary. Let no one stand against God, no one. For he has already lost the battle. At the mere thought of taking that step, there will be weeping.

All souls who have turned away from Me will weep and gnash their teeth. Whereas My children will be strong because the gift of the Holy Spirit will make them powerful, and they will help these creatures who have abandoned themselves to My enemy.

He who laughed yesterday will weep today, and he who wept yesterday will laugh today.I still hope for what belongs to me, I still hope for what has been taken from me.

Whoever has turned against God will now meet God face to face and receive his reward.

Let no more Blood drip from my Heart, I am waiting for what belongs to me to be returned to me, may it not be too late!

This hill is thirsty! I am thirsty! This hill is thirsty!