Luisa Piccarreta, transported before the Most Holy Trinity

While my soul was becoming excited with burning desires to receive the grace that Jesus Himself wanted to give me, He returned and transported me out of myself, to paradise, and there, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and the entire heavenly court, He renewed the betrothal. Jesus took out the ring adorned with three precious stones, white, red and green, and gave it to the Father who blessed it and gave it back to the Son, the Holy Spirit took my right hand and Jesus put the ring on my ring finger. Then I was admitted to the kiss of the Three Divine Persons and they blessed me.

(235) Who can tell my confusion when I found myself before the Most Holy Trinity? I only say that as soon as I found myself in His presence, I fell on my face to the ground, and there I would have remained if it had not been for Jesus who encouraged me to go to His presence, such was the light, the Holiness of God. I say only this, the other things I leave aside because I remember them confusedly.

(236) After this, I remember that a few days passed, and when I received Communion, I lost my senses and saw the Most Holy Trinity that I had seen in Heaven present before me; I immediately prostrated myself before her presence, adored her, and confessed my nothingness. I remember that I was feeling so abstracted in myself that I did not dare to say a single word, when a voice came out from the midst of Them and said:

(237) "Fear not, be of good cheer, we have come to confirm you as our own and take possession of your heart."

(238) While this voice thus said, I saw that the Most Holy Trinity descended into my heart and took possession of it, and there they formed their headquarters. Who can tell the change that happened in me? I felt divinized; I no longer lived, but They lived in me. It seemed to me that my body was like a room, and that the living God was dwelling inside, because I felt the real presence sensibly in my interior.

I heard His clear voice coming from within me and resounding in the ears of the body. It happened precisely as when people are inside a room, they speak and their voices are heard clear and distinct even from outside.

(239) From then on I no longer had the need to go in search of him in other places to find him, but I found him within my heart. And when sometimes he was hidden, and I went in search of Jesus, turning around in heaven and on earth, looking for my supreme and only Good, while I was in the fire of tears, in the intensity of desires, in the unspeakable sorrows for having lost him, Jesus came out from within me and said to me:

(240) "I am here with you, do not look for me elsewhere."

(241) I, between the astonishment and the joy of having found Him, said to Him: "My Jesus, how is it that all this morning You made me turn around and around to find You, and You were here? You could have told me, then I would not have been so anxious. My sweet Good, my beloved Life, look how tired I am, I have no more strength, I feel faint, ah, hold me in your arms because I feel I am dying. And Jesus took me in His arms and made me rest, and while I was resting, I felt my lost strength returning to me.

(242) At other times, in this concealment that Jesus made and I who went in search of Him, when He made Himself heard within me and then came out from within me not only Jesus, but the Three Divine Persons, I found them now in the form of three graceful and extremely beautiful children, now a single body and three different heads, but of the same likeness, all three equally attractive. Who can tell my contentment? Especially when I saw the three children and that I held all three in my arms, now I kissed one, now the other, and They kissed me, now one leaned on one shoulder of mine and one on the other and one stood facing me, and as I rejoiced in them, with great astonishment I made to look, and of three I found but one.

Book of Heaven. Volume 01 38