Priest rebellion against pro-homosexual diocese

                                   Franz Imhof, parish priest and president of the Chur Priests' Circle 

The Churer Priesterkreis, a group of neoconservative priests in Chur diocese, Switzerland, published an April 28 statement (German) criticising a diocesan code of conduct for the alleged prevention of abuses.

 While admitting that 95% of the text is “an expression of common sense and decency,” they oppose the following statement: “I refrain from sweeping negative assessments of allegedly unbiblical behaviour based on sexual orientation.”  

The priests emphasise that no priest who signs this would be allowed to proclaim the Bibel's and the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. 

However, this teaching is anyway illegal in Switzerland after a country wide February 2020 referendum accepted a muzzle law making biblical statements about homosexuality a criminal offence.