A thunder from heaven will be the announcement of the imminent Warning!

Carbonia September 29, 2018

The timing is terrible! In the Vatican there is darkness, Satan is celebrated instead of Jesus, the Good God, the Righteous One, the Good Shepherd, the Savior! ... The One who is!

God does not want to punish man, He warns him!

He tells his people that they must return to Him.

Most Holy Mary with you who are the joys of the Lord Jesus, my Son.

My dear children, Heaven commands you holiness, come, come rejoice, the time of the beatitudes has come for you.

My little children, beloved of your heavenly Father, I take you by the hand and lead you with love and affection to the heavenly goals.

The world has lost itself behind the falsehoods of evil, it has prostrated itself before Satan, but the living God, the one true God, the infinite Love, comes to save his children.

- Soon you will hear a thunder from heaven, it will be the announcement of the imminent Warning! - It is Jesus who announces to His own to prepare for the illumination of conscience!!!!

- With all His pain He tells all those who are far from His Laws and His Word, that they will have to go through torment, passion and crucifixion.

My little children, God does not want to punish man, He warns him, He tells His people that they must return to Him, their Creator; this Humanity has now fallen into the miserable hands of the devil, it is in danger of eternal death!!!!

God warns Humanity to repent.

To commune with their Creator God.

The fiery flood is coming down from heaven, there will be nothing left!

Prepare your houses, arrange the sacramentals: holy water, salt, incense and exorcised oil, to drive away the demons that will be unleashed in the world, to steal as many souls as possible from God, during the three days of darkness.

Pray for those who are far from God, for all those who do not want to believe in the end of time (not the end of the world) but in the end of evil.

Pray for all those who do not want to return to God to be saved.

Behold, heaven opens before you, O men, warning you of the imminent situation of danger, calling you to be ready, with hips girded, shoes on your feet and staff in hand.

The moment is terrible! In the Vatican there is darkness, Satan is celebrated instead of Jesus, the Good God, the Just, the Good Shepherd, the Savior .... He who is!

The infiltrators, the sons of Satan, who have taken over the Church of God, advance, praising Lucifer, praying for his intervention, ... they set men against each other preaching false doctrines.

- The hour of their passion has come.

- The crucifixion of the Church is underway!

- Everything is imminent!

- God warns of His divine intervention to save His own and to leave in the miserable hands of Satan all those who have denied Him as God.

Abraham! Abraham! Abraham! Abraham! It is I, your Creator God!

Your descendants were lost, they sank into the pit, their hearts were hardened, they gave themselves over to the enemy, to Satan, but, truly, I tell you, O men, by my great mercy I will grant you grace, but only if you ask me for forgiveness with contrition of heart, only then will I welcome you in me and make you children of God, free to live life eternally, in the deep joy of Love.

Come now. The time of sorrows has now come to this perverse Humanity, but great is the joy for the children of God who have prepared themselves to enter their new world.

In their wonders they will walk with the prophets of old and will live eternally in the beatitudes promised by God the Father.

I announce to you that the Warning is imminent!

Prepare yourselves, my children, this which I repeat to you today is an infinite truth. Prepare yourselves, watch and pray, ...the time is already closed.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in unity with our Blessed Mother Mary. Amen 

(The Holy Spirit Love is on a journey to take the hearts of God's children and renew and strengthen them in love. Amen).