Consecration To The Hearts Of Jesus And Mary

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, you have loved humanity to the extreme, sparing nothing to save us and to give us your love, your life, your grace and your truth. You have loved humanity to the point of letting yourself be pierced and thus become the open fountain from which the graces of salvation and conversion flow abundantly. Your pierced Heart is the open fountain from which flow, with strength and power, the Blood and Water that purify, transform, vivify and liberate our hearts. Your pierced Heart is the open and narrow door through which we must enter to participate in the life of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in the school of your pierced Heart that we learn the virtues of humility and meekness; obedience and self-denial. It is in your Heart that we find the fullness of love and peace.

To your Heart, O Jesus, we wish to consecrate ourselves today. Through this consecration, we wish to enter into your Heart so that, kept within it, we may be protected from the enemies of our souls. Protect us from all error and confusion, from all coldness, selfishness and indifference. May we acquire within your Heart the virtues we most need; the light to direct our steps and the strength to be faithful to all your designs. May your Heart, Jesus, be our only treasure and inheritance. May the graces of mercy, conversion and peace that flow from your Heart reach each one of us, transforming us and giving us a new heart like yours. Moved by the love of your Heart, may we become channels of grace for a world so in need of love, truth and light. Consecrated to your Heart, may we build in the whole world: the civilization of love.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, by your perfect communion of love with the Heart of Jesus, you are the living school of total consecration and dedication to His Heart. In your Heart, O Mother, we want to live to learn to love, without division, the Heart of Jesus; to obey Him with diligence and exactness; to serve Him with generosity and to cooperate actively and responsibly in the designs of His Heart.

We desire to consecrate ourselves totally to your Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart which is the perfect and sure way to reach the Heart of Jesus. Your Heart is also a safe haven of grace and holiness, where we are freed and healed from all our darkness and miseries. We desire to belong to your Heart, O Blessed Virgin, without reserve and in total availability of love to the will of God, which will be manifested to us through your maternal mediation. By virtue of this consecration, O Immaculate Heart, we ask you to guard and protect us from all spiritual and physical danger. May our hearts burn with the fire of the Spirit as your Heart burns. United to you, who are the bearer par excellence of Christ for the world, and anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit, may we be instruments to give to a world so arid and cold, the love, joy and peace of the Heart of Jesus.

O Hearts of Jesus and Mary, hope of humanity! Hope because in their perfect communion of love for God and mankind, they have given themselves to the work of the salvation of the world. Through this consecration we desire to participate, from our littleness, in the designs of mercy that the Two Hearts are manifesting in humanity. We wish to offer our lives in love and reparation to their Hearts. We desire with all our being to promote and establish in all hearts, the Reign of love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Amen!