Fidelity is forged in what seems small


It is a personal task how to concretize this examination. For some - because of their way of being, because of their temperament - it will be necessary to make it very concrete and to keep a very close account because of their tendency to vagueness and generalities; for others this could be a cause of complications and of creating problems where there should not be any. They will help us in spiritual direction if we strive to make ourselves known.

We should not be surprised if it takes us time to reach the objective proposed in the particular examination. If it is well placed, it is normal that it is an ingrained defect, and that a patient struggle is necessary, starting over and over again, without discouragement. In this new beginning, with the help of the Lord, we are strengthening the foundations of humility. To keep the particular examination awake requires strength, constancy and humility. Love-which is ingenious-will find every day the way to make the same point of struggle new, because in it, more than self-improvement, we seek to love the Lord, to remove every obstacle that hinders our friendship with Him and, therefore, that which separates us from others. It will give us the opportunity to make many acts of contrition for our defeats and thanksgiving for our victories.

Struggle in a particular concrete examination, every day, is the best remedy against lukewarmness and gentrification. What a great thing if our Guardian Angel could testify at the end of our life that we struggle in every day, even if not everything has been victories! Fidelity full of strength in difficult moments is forged every day in what seems small. "We must convince ourselves that the greatest enemy of the rock is not the pickaxe or the axe, nor the blow of any other instrument, however forceful it may be: it is that small water that gets in, drop by drop, between the cracks of the rock, until it ruins its structure. The greatest danger for the Christian is to despise the fight in these skirmishes, which little by little penetrate the soul, until it becomes soft and brittle (...)".

At the end of our prayer we say to the Lord, like Peter: Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Without you we are left without Way, without Truth and without Life.

It is a beautiful ejaculatory to repeat many times, but especially at the hour of struggle. We ask Our Lady, Virgo fidelis, to help us to be faithful, struggling every day to remove the concrete obstacles that separate us from her Son.