Francis Calls on Christians to Live ‘in Harmony with the Universe’

ROME — Francis renewed his appeal for an “integral ecology” Monday, calling on Christians to live “in harmony with the environment” and “in harmony with the universe.”

In an address delivered in the Vatican to members of the International Federation of Catholic Pharmacists, the pontiff said that pharmacists can make a decisive contribution to “conversion to an integral ecology.”

“We are all called to learn a lifestyle that is more respectful of the environment in which God has placed us, of our common home,” he said. “And a healthy way of eating and, in general, of living is also part of this lifestyle.”

Pharmacists can help educate people by “promoting greater wisdom in leading a healthy life,” Francis proposed, inviting his audience to find inspiration in “the millenary tradition that here in Europe dates back to the ancient pharmacies of the monasteries.”

These roots can be further enriched with “the knowledge and practices of other cultures, such as those of the East, or those of the native peoples of America,” he added.

“I would say that you pharmacists can help us to unmask the deceptions of a false well-being and to educate to a true ‘good life,’ which is not a privilege of a few but within everyone’s reach,” he said.

“Good living, not in the sense of living the good life, but living in harmony with the environment, in harmony with the universe, with everyone,” he said.