Francis Keeps Undermining Buenos Aires Cardinal

Francis received embattled Buenos Aires Cardinal Mario Poli, 74, for ninety minutes, Mariano De Vedia writes on (May 5).

Poli is causing Francis' anger because he has not turned out to be a mere follower of orders, as Francis would have liked.

Referring to “reliable sources,” De Vedia knows that the meeting was “very warm,” and that Francis said that "I don't want Poli to be sullied, he is a victim." In reality, Francis himself was behind a harsh and unjust audit accusing Poli of “mismanagement.”

De Vedia’s “reliable sources” even knows Francis’ feelings and that he “perceived a certain weariness” in Poli and that Poli wants to remain in office until he is 75 - while Francis keeps is minions until 80. (May 9) identifies De Vedia’s "reliable sources" as “some of Francis' cronies to whom he himself entrusts the mission of disseminating what serves his strategies.”

“Poor Poli is very tired" and "we will relieve him of the burden of his office as soon as he turns 75 or even, in an excess of mercy, a little earlier” – Caminante paraphrases Francis’ message. He recognises in this “the petty politics that we Argentines are all too familiar with.”

Caminante’s conclusion, “These are the fruits of a pontificate recklessly handed over by the cardinals to a marginal and mediocre character who is leading the Church into unthinkable crises in all areas.”