Francis Will "Obfuscate Faith" – Bishop Schneider

Francis' October 2021 claim that a synodal Church “requires changing certain overly vertical, distorted and partial visions of the Church, the priestly ministry, the role of the laity, ecclesial responsibilities, roles of governance and so forth,” insinuates a "substantial change" in the understanding of the Church, Bishop Schneider told (April 25).

This presupposes, Schneider analyses, that for 2,000 years the Church had a distorted and partial vision and arrives only with Francis and his Synod at a correct theological understanding. Schneider criticises the term “overly vertical” because “something is vertical or it is not vertical.”

He explains to Francis that God established the Church as a hierarchical body, "When the law of verticality is not observed in a body, i.e., if the command center of the brain is damaged or disregarded, then the body will suffer confusion and detriment." Discussing, chatting, and conducting opinions polls ("Synodality") are alien to the Church, Schneider stresses.

Francis' method of synodality which includes debating with people of other faith traditions, people of no religion, and even with people characterised as "etc." [but NEVER with Catholics], "will ultimately obfuscate the Faith,” Schneider predicts.

Therefore, Francis attempt to destroy the Roman Mass displays for Schneider an "intolerant and discriminatory attitude” that is “blatantly inconsistent” with the Synod’s alleged methods of "inclusiveness" and "plurality."