Freemasonry outrages Jesus with communion in hand -Trevignano

Trevignano Romano, May 6, 2022

Dear daughter, thank you for having welcomed me into your heart. You need not fear, for when you proclaim the Holy Word, I will be with you. 

The Church, today, has erected walls between my Son and the true doctrine and in spite of the suffering it is causing to the Blessed and Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, He is there to protect her. 

The Church, instead of nourishing my children with the body and blood of Jesus, (has) distanced (them) from His Presence and, in spite of this, He is always ready to offer His help. 


My daughter, Freemasonry and its extravagant evil force have turned the representatives of the Church away from the true Christian faith, outraging the body of Jesus, offering it in the wrong way and forcing my children not to kneel and receive it in their hands, proclaiming a great lie. 

I ask you: return to the true faith and allow me to help you in the dark moments to come. 

I say to you: the true Church will be reborn and will be greater and lusher. 

Now, I advise you to pray, for the time is coming to an end. 

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.