God has invested his children for a special, ultimate and definitive mission


Carbonia 04 May 2022

God has chosen his children, he has invested them with himself for a special, ultimate and definitive mission.

Mary Most Holy with you, Servant of the Lord.

This existence is about to change, the children of God will be placed in a state of life while those who have denied him will enter into the great tribulation.

The hill awaits you today. God is waiting for his children, in his mercy they will be plucked from sin and resurrected to a new life.

Here the Word of God will be fulfilled. Here his glory will be manifested. Sing hymns of praise to the King of kings.

My Son Jesus is at the gates of His merciful Intervention.

Cancel all your commitments on Earth and place yourselves at the disposal of the Holy One.

My little ones and beloved children, prepare to welcome Me in you, your heart must glow with love for Christ Jesus, ...manifest to Him your joy for, behold, all new things are coming for you.

The time of new things is coming for you, the new springtime will be in you beauty and grace.

Assisted by the Holy Spirit, Love, you will be graced and filled with heavenly gifts.

My dear children, your time has come,

Your spirit will be in God, you will be transfigured in Him.

I, Mary Most Holy, Mother of Jesus and your Mother, will now take your hearts and place them in Me. Be obedient to my voice, follow me as God has predestined for the great final challenge against Satan. Let your weapon be the Holy Rosary and participation in God, in His Perfect Love.

The House will be enlarged, this refuge will be predestined for God's chosen ones; no one who is not in God will be able to cross the threshold of this House. Thank you for all the collaboration you have given to Jesus also in the arrangement of this place. God will give you credit for your work, each one in his own measure. Keep this place safe, you will soon be called.

The house of the Poor of the Way will be opened by God. All pilgrims, those who see the great light that will come forth from it, will approach, and great will be their amazement: they will hear the voices of the elect rejoicing as they sing their praises of thanksgiving to the Loving God. Eager to participate, they will knock at the door and Jesus will welcome them.

My children, you do not yet understand but soon your being will be disfigured in God, .... You will be like angels in heaven and you will give glory to God, you will bow down before Him and love Him for eternity.

God has chosen his children, he has invested them with himself for a special, ultimate and definitive mission. Many have managed to respond in greatness, others have aimed at the things of the world, ... today they will understand their mistakes.

Go, my children, as God has asked you, spread his Word to all nations.

Also today I will accompany you in the recitation of the Holy Rosary and together we will implore the intervention of Jesus in his awaited Return.

God is! Amen!