Spiritual Advice —Don Bosco

259. The devil always intervenes to impede conversion (IX, 997).

260. The weaknesses of the soul must be attended to with at least as much care as the sickness of the body (XVI, 441).

261. Scandal is the enemy of good example (XI, 552).

262. Let everything that happens serve us as a lesson and an experience (XII, 251).

263. Events influence man, not man in events. (XIII, 93).

264. He who worries about unnecessary things is idle (XIII, 801).

265. When customs are good and lead to good, we should continue to practice them (XV, 605).

266. It is not enough to know things, it is necessary to practice them (XVII, 630).

267. Things are either done well, or they are better not done at all.

268. Respect all, fear none (V, 661).

269. When everything is going well, do not try to change it under the pretext of improving it (VIII, 228).

270. Let each one work according to his own ability; merit depends on intention (BAC 608).

271. 271 Whenever an evil, even a material one, can be prevented, let him do what he can to prevent it (BAC 609).

272. 272 Before forming a judgment on what is referred to you, or ruling on a matter, let both parties be heard. (Reminiscences to the first missionaries).

273. Reflect and think calmly before resolving on matters of importance; and in case of doubt, determine what you believe to be for the greater glory of God. (VII, 524).

274. Carry out all your duties diligently. Diligently means with love, because the word diligence comes from the verb diligere, which means to love (XII, 610).

To do one's duty with joy and love is the best preparation for a good death. The Lord rewards the obedient (XII, 610).

276. We must never feel alone; Jesus always accompanies us (XI, 363).

277. Everything passes away; what does not transcend to eternity is of no importance (IV, 556).

278. God helps us to overcome the difficulties that are inevitable in this world, which, according to the Gospel, is full of evil. "Mundus totus in maligno positus est". (VI, 550).

279. Be a man, never be dismayed (III, 348).

280. My little children, making good use of the time will have served you for your eternal health (XVIII, 864).

281. Murmuring corrupts hearts (XVII, 113).

282. Woe to him who labors in expectation of praise from the world; the world is a very bad paymaster and always pays with ingratitude (X, 266).

283. If we have no one to turn to in matters of importance, let us implore light from the power and love of the Sacramental Jesus in Holy Mass during the elevation. (VIII, 446).

284. By sinning, one becomes the enemy of one's own soul (BAC. 566). 285. The best is always the enemy of the good (X, 869).

286. Let us not think ourselves necessary (XII, 447).

287. He who has a clear conscience has everything (XI, 248).

288. The voice of conscience persecutes the sinner and reminds him: you are the enemy of God (XII, 133).

289. All the riches of the world count for nothing in eternity (VIII, 831).

290. He who claims to be a Christian and does not act as such is a mere impostor (XII, 364).

291. The devil is a friend of darkness; he always works in the dark (VI, 321).

292. God forsakes none (V, 160).

293. The world is false. God is the true friend (III, 608 - IV, 59).

294. May your conversation be always inspired by gentleness (VIII, 490).

295. You should always give importance to all your actions (III, 614).

296. You must be in a certain haste to do good works, for you may lack time and be disappointed (XVIII, 862).

297. When we speak to the people, it is necessary that the people understand us (BAC. 36).

298. With yourself, be determined (VII, 524). 30

299. God is a good Father; let us trust in Him (VIII, 986).

Idleness and inertia engenders ruin, because idleness is the father of all vices. Let us tremble at this monster (X, 1054).

301. Children if not counseled in time will be the scourge of society. (XIII, 184).

302. God gives time and opportunity to practice religion. It is necessary to know how to correspond (XIV, 86).

303. If you have to advise or warn, let him who consults with you withdraw from you as a friend and content (XI, 17).