The Crucifix that shed Blood on Good Friday


This is the latest miracle that occurred in Kasargod District of Kerala in South India (near Kannur) recently during the last days of the Holy Week. Live video of the Crucifix that shed Blood on Good Friday 2022 at the house of Stigmatic Alphonsa (Omana). During the occurrence of that miracle, Alphonsa was experiencing 'stigmata' at her house which has become a Prayer house in Balal since 2014 (from the time she had an appearance of Holy virgin Mother Mary in the traditional attire of a Keralite Christian elderly lady). 

N.B: These videos and photos were shared by her Spiritual Guide Rev Fr Mathew Paravarakathu of Thalassery Arch Diocese who had baptized her when she converted from Hinduism to Christianity.

Here are some images (photos) of her stigmata experience and the medals apparently given by the Holy Mother.