The cursed serpent will enslave you

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia September 26, 2020

They are about to intervene with an iron fist in the Church.

Jesus, in his infinite love, comes to remedy a people who have fallen into Satan's net.

Beloved children, thus I continue to call you, listen to my voice, do not be indifferent to my call for I come to save you but you must be in me to be taken by me.

Convince yourselves, oh men, change your life, return to Life, amend your past sin; purify yourselves, oh men, for the time is over, everything will now be stained with blood, the cursed serpent has prepared a great pain for this foolish humanity, he will enslave you and you will be in his dictatorship.

My dear children, I call you once again to repentance, do not allow Satan to make you his slaves, do not listen to him, turn your back on him and return quickly to your Creator God.

They are about to intervene with an iron fist in the Church, now everything is dirty but they must complete their dirty work to destroy my people.

My Voice resounds in their hearts so that they may repent. Do not lose your lives, my children, work for the holy Gospel of Jesus, put an end to the Lie and declare yourselves openly Mine.

Now will enter the season of Love for the children of God, and the season of death for all those who have declared themselves on the side of the enemy.

God loves His people and wants to save them, therefore He continues to call them to urgent conversion. Return to your Father, O man, do not be lost in the terrible darkness where you will weep and gnash your teeth forever.

For we have come to a turning point, verily I say unto you: you must make your choice, you must meditate well now, O men, Heaven is about to thunder its wrath, and it will be dark in heaven and on earth, all light will be extinguished.

You are in the final phase, oh men, wait no longer, ...the time is over!