The Devil will declare his ascendancy, he will take My place

Carbonia December 5, 2017

Beloved children, oh you who follow My saying and know My Voice, truly I say to you: do not be afraid to lose your life for Me, take My command seriously and be led according to the perfection of love.

Now you have reached the goal, it is the end of your Calvary on Earth, God the Father is opening His Heaven to His chosen ones and will allow them to enjoy all His Good.

Beloved ones, the hour has come, My Return is soon, do not doubt My word, but be wary of the scenes that daily present themselves before your eyes, the devil is about to declare his ascent, he will take My place, I will be removed from My Church, you will no longer present on the altar the God of Love, but a god of infinite misery, a god that leads to eternal death.

My children, it is time to open your eyes and look seriously at what is being shown to you, do not be blind and do not be deaf, My sheep recognize My Voice, do not listen to the voice of the one who says he is My son because he is not.

Satan's servant is already feasting behind the backs of fools, My children do not realize his attack on Me, his evil plan to take for himself all that belongs to Me, you are succumbing to his language and gestures that you repeat with devotion to him.

Beloved children, the rulers of this world will soon suffer My Justice, My Arm will mark their end.

It is time for new and beautiful things in Love, the time has come to revive you in Me, to make you new in Me, to destine you in Me to holiness and divinity.

Accompany Me in these last hours of agony.

Soon you will see a star shining in the sky, a Light that will not be extinguished and that no one will be able to miss, it is an omen of My return in Glory.

Set yourselves, my children, to listen to My Voice, do not confuse it with that of My enemy, lest you fall into his eternal death.

Dear brothers, oh you who dedicate your time to Me in love, truly I tell you: follow Me, do not hesitate any longer, give Me your full yes, sincere in love. I will have to warn you of My intervention, you will be enabled to help one another and to help those who have not yet placed themselves in Me, those who are far from My Love and follow with human interest without mediating the Spirit of the things of the world.

These are the last moves of the adversary, soon you will know the truth, you will know the one who has taken you away from Me to consign you to himself in the world of darkness.

Work together without looking at who does and who does not do, serve me with love, do not look around, roll up your sleeves and serve your God with love and joy.

He who serves Me with all his love will be rewarded when I call him to Me, but he who hesitates in his mission and prevents himself from working will be the one I will look at in the same way, with insufficiency.

I am the one who is in charge of all things, look to Me and do not look around you, love one another, your reward is in Me, whoever does not look to Me and does not follow Me according to My desires will be disoriented.

Surprise Me instead with your works of love and charity, do not keep what is no longer necessary, sow love, give Me love to receive love. (...)

I am jealous of My children, but I cannot bear that they mock Me for their human inefficiencies, they will bring harm to My Work, warned in love respond to Me with love.

God loves you. Blessings and grace.