This is the hour announced at Fatima, the hour of the great schism! -Carbonia

Carbonia May 14, 2018.

Cardinals against cardinals, bishops against bishops, priests against priests!

I cannot bear the abomination that looms over this humanity!

I, the God of Love, call for your conversion, oh men!

My children, I come to redeem you from sin; make yourselves obedient to my Law.

I am the one you will soon see;

I am the one who will judge you and place you at his right hand if you are in a state of grace.

I am the One who comes to separate Good from Evil.

I come with all my love so that my children may triumph in me.

My beloved people, this is the hour of Truth, this is the hour of the great Revelation, God comes to put an end to sin!

I will raise up a new people and I will seat them on my throne where they will reign with me forever.

I am a just and merciful God, I will have mercy on all who bow before Me and ask forgiveness with a contrite heart.

I come to save my people.

I come to bring my heaven to earth. I come to make all things new.

My people shall dwell in me and live by me.

In My House shall they dwell, and in My wonders shall they be.

My children, this is the hour of my return!

Let your hearts be pure and spotless, that I may recognize them and raise them to Me at once.

Be obedient children of God, do not deviate from His laws, clothe yourselves with holiness.

My children, My intervention will come in moments and will be powerful against My enemies, the traitors of My Church and all those who have denied Me in order to make My enemy happy.

The hour of Divine Justice has come, the sun will be blinding and its heat will penetrate the flesh of men, they will burn, ...they will melt like wax in fire.

I cannot bear the abomination that rages against this humanity, its burial will be soon, I will not allow any evil to remain, everything will be purified, burned by fire!

I will make the earth to regrow, new springs of pure water will gush forth and I will give new fruits to my children who will abound in my grace.

I will have a new and holy people because I will receive them in me.

All who respond to the Truth will enter into it, will grow like shoots and will be eternally happy.

Say no more to sin, O men, go where is love and truth, where is fidelity to the True and Only God, the ONLY CREATOR GOD!

Do not approve of anything that is presented to you of the new norms! The Church of God is ONE and HOLY!


Nothing of MY WORD will be changed!

Everything that will be manifested to you by man will be an abomination in the eyes of God, because it is against God! It is not of God!

It is the hour of the great schism!

Have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is the hour announced in FATIMA! It is the hour of the great schism!!!!!

Cardinals against cardinals! Bishops against bishops! Priests against priests!

Keep calm, be lucid, discern and pray, pray, pray that God may intervene to cleanse the lie and the sin.

My children, I ask you for humility and holiness, put a pure heart in you and never deny My Word.