Thus shall they ensnare the foolish faithful -Carbonia

Carbonia May 9, 2018.

Now they will remove the Most Holy Eucharist to begin their evil celebrations, thus trapping the foolish faithful, those who will not understand that all this is a game of the devil. The time dedicated to My Mercy is over.

With you, in the measure of infinite love.

I come to visit My children, I come to give them My Holiness, and in My Divinity I will take them.

Beloved children, behold, the time already marks My return, you have been sincere friends, you are always ready to follow Me, have a little more patience because, behold, the time is already marked.

Willing to welcome Me in your heart, willing to mark you in My Holy Name: in My Sacred Heart I will place you and I will recreate you in Me.

Blessed by your God-Love you will go forth triumphantly to sing your praises to Him and to give yourselves completely to Him in infinite love.

You will open your little heart to Me and ask Me for eternal life; in Me I will place you and raise you up forever from this earth of sin.

Friends of your Jesus, wait for the sign that will now be manifested in heaven.

Everything must be in Me, I will have the triumph of My children in Me, and I will raise mankind in Me, and I will make it holy in Me.

Decide for Me, your loving God; give Me your consent to take you as My own, to save you My children, you do not understand, but soon you will understand.

The time of My Mercy is over!

Terror will take its place in the hearts of men far from Me and the grace of God will be upon His children.

- The Blessed Mary is now in your homes, everything in Her will come true.

- In those days of darkness, She will cover you with Her mantle and keep you safe from the storm and the attacks of demons.

- She will bring you the Holy Spirit and reunite you with Me, your only God, your only Good.

- A new life will be born in you, for a new seed will enter you and you will be strong in me and filled with me because you will have me in you.

Now the battle is open!

Now they will take away the Most Holy Eucharist to begin their evil celebrations,

so they will take away the foolish faithful, those who will not understand that all this is a game of the devil.

My Charity will inflame the hearts of my children and in their holiness they will go to announce the Truth to the world.

Come, all is ready! Make cenacles of prayer and never forget to make the sign of the Cross.

I am Love and Truth, I bless you and I await you on My Sacred Hill, where we will begin a new life together in eternal love and joy.

Behold the door which I will open to my holy apostles, and I myself will lead them to where milk and honey flow. Life for my chosen ones must be lived in the fullness of love and joy.

I anoint you with My Holy Love and consecrate you to My Sacred Heart. Amen!