What will the conversion of Russia and the USA be like?

And what will be the role of the Catholic Church in these conversions

Padre Pio was one of the most gifted saints in the history of Christianity.

Although he is famous especially for his stigmata, he led a supernatural life, for example he cultivated a communication with his spiritual children through their respective guardian angels. 

And he had a great prophetic ability granted by messages from heaven.

One of his prophecies is related to the conversion of Russia and the USA, and was given to him in the 1940s.

This is of special importance today as tensions increase between these two powers.

Here we will discuss Padre Pio's gift of prophecy, recounting especially his prophecy of the conversion of Russia and the U.S., and establish how that prophecy is in line with the messages of the Fatima apparitions. 

The Italian Capuchin friar Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, who died in 1968, is considered the most popular saint of our times. 

He had great gifts and supernatural experiences, such as apparitions of angels, demons, souls in purgatory, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

He was shown events of the future, had the ability to read consciences, the ability to intercede in the healing of illnesses, levitation, xenoglossia or speaking in tongues, bilocation or being in two places at the same time and the ability to communicate with his spiritual children through aromas.

However, he would become famous for suffering the stigmata of the passion of Jesus Christ on his hands, feet and side.

He wore them visibly for 50 years, from September 20, 1918, until 3 days before his death, without leaving any scars.

These wounds gave off an inexplicable fragrance of flowers that is often called "odor of sanctity". 

But he also had the gift of prophecy, that is, heaven allowed him to see events that would occur in the future.

He would say, "Jesus sometimes lets me read his personal notebook".

For example, during a feast celebrated in the square of the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo, where he lived all his life, he was surrounded by a large group of young people.

Suddenly he burst into tears unexpectedly. 

Those present, bewildered, asked him with great concern what was wrong, and he replied in dismay, "It seems that one of you will die in two days". 

And indeed 48 hours later a lethal disease ended the life of one of those young men.  

He prophesied the arrival of the Archbishop of Milan, John Baptist Montini, to the pontificate, he would become Paul VI. 

Archbishop Montini had gone to visit the priest Benedetto Galbiani, who was ill in the Providence house of Don Orione.

And precisely at that time there was Commendatore Alberto Galletti, spiritual son of Padre Pio.

The sick priest introduced them and the conversation about Padre Pio came up, because Montini asked about the stigmata and his life.

In taking his leave he asked the commander to convey to Padre Pio his affectionate greetings and desire to have his blessing for him and his archdiocese.  

A few days later, the commander fulfilled his request. 

Padre Pio replied: "A thousand thanks for the greeting and tell him to count not with my blessing, but with a flood of blessings and my unworthy prayers". 

And he added, "Listen carefully Galletti, tell his excellency also that when this Pope dies, he meant John XXIII, he will be his successor."

"Have you understood that you must tell him that he will be the next Pope?" insisted Padre Pio. "I warn him, because he must prepare himself."

Galletti kept the secret until the election of Paul VI, in June 1963. 

But before that, in 1960, Montini sent a letter to Padre Pio congratulating him on the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, and thanking him for the graces he had bestowed on him.

On the other hand, the prophecy of John Paul II's pontificate was foretold to him personally.

As a young priest Karol Wojtyla came to the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo to confess to Padre Pio. 

Taking him to a secluded place, Padre Pio gave him absolution. 

And at that moment Padre Pio said to him: "You are going to be Pope" and continued: "I also see blood... You are going to be Pope and I see blood". 

When Wojtyla told this to his companions he laughed at the matter saying,

"Padre Pio has been joking with me. He told me that I will be pope. 

Which is impossible because I am a poor priest and because Popes are always Italian; for five centuries there have been no Popes from other countries. 

Of course, he wanted to make a fool of me".

Later, when he was already a bishop, Wojtyla wrote him a letter concerned about the health of his dear friend Wanda Pòltawska, suffering from terminal throat cancer, asking Padre Pio to intercede with God and work a miracle.

There are documents of this.

The first letter dated November 17, 1962 stated that Wanda was a mother of four daughters, forty years old and lived in Krakow, Poland. 

During the last war he had been in concentration camps in Germany for five years.

And now he was in grave danger of his life, due to cancer. 

And after meditating for a while in silence, Padre Pio said to his secretary, "You can't say no to that!

And a couple of months later Bishop Wojtyla wrote to him again telling him that "on November 21, before the surgical operation, Wanda instantly regained her health". 

And he thanked God and Padre Pio for their intercession.

And Pius told his secretary to "keep this letter and the previous one, because one day they will become important."

Wojtyla became John Paul II in 1978.

In 1987, on the centenary of Padre Pio's birth he went to kneel at his tomb in San Giovanni Rotondo and told the Capuchins to activate the cause for Padre Pio's beatification, he said "This is a saint I have to do."

And then he beatified him in 1999 and canonized him in 2002.

And among Padre Pio's prophecies there is one that is very important for our time, because it concerns the conversion of the USA and Russia.

In the early 1940s a U.S. Air Force detachment was stationed at Cerignola, just under an hour from the friary at San Giovanni Rotondo, and its chaplain was Father John P. Duggan, who was 30 years old.

Father Duggan was a man of great faith and deep humility, and he introduced Padre Pio to the soldiers under his spiritual care because he knew he could lead them on higher paths and brought many U.S. servicemen to meet him. 

On one occasion he brought him to Corporal Leone Fanning, who had felt called to be a priest, but was unable to follow his vocation because he had been drafted. 

No one had told Padre Pio that Corporal Fanning hoped to become a priest, but when Padre Pio saw him, he told him, "Your name is not just Leone. Someday you will be Padre Leone." 

Pio's words came true, when Leone Fanning returned to the United States and was ordained a priest in 1954 and continued to be one for the next 54 years. 

Padre Duggan once asked Padre Pio about the future of the U.S. and Russia, and Pio told him, "The Russian people will convert. Their total conversion will happen very fast. The conversion of the United States will be slow but sure."

And also Corporal Fanning asked Padre Pio about the conversion of Russia and he replied, "Yes, Russia will convert as the Blessed Virgin said it would. However, Russia will teach the United States a lesson in conversion."

When we merge the two prophecies, we have the following: the Russian people will convert to the faith and it will be a very rapid metamorphosis, from a nation that currently has a population of over 144 million and the largest territory of all countries. 

But on the contrary, the conversion of the United States, which has 330 million inhabitants, will be slower but steadier, and will copy the Christian ways of Russia. 

This reaffirms the Fatima prophecy about the central role reserved for Russia at the end of time.

Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, especially atheism and the communist system of government, to the extent that the Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, does not fulfill the requests of heaven.

And so it will become the agent of punishment for the turning away from God of the civilization that created Christianity, Western civilization.

But if the Catholic Church fulfills God's commands, Russia will convert and in turn will convert the West, and within it the USA.

And what are those mandates given by Our Lady in the apparitions of Fatima? 

That the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary be made and embraced by the Church, by all the faithful, and not just a bureaucratic act of the hierarchy, as it happened now.

May the Church promote the communion of reparation of the 5 First Saturdays, as Our Lady requested in conjunction with the consecration of Russia.

And may the Catholic faithful consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and pray fervently and permanently the Rosary for sinners.