Will you be able to stop this ball of fire that will fall on Earth?


Carbonia October 14, 2019.

Earth is about to be struck, the sign will be great!

I am with you as Father and as God.

Beloved daughter, your God is calling you to be ready; stay with My Word.

Beloved daughter, today the hours are fulfilled, the world enters its Calvary. Satan's curse is upon my children, upon all those who have given themselves fully to him.

The Earth is about to be struck, the sign will be great! Many hearts will open because they will return to God; ...in their Humanity they will place themselves in my hands, they will implore my forgiveness, they will acknowledge my Power, but others will be lost because they will blaspheme God.

My children, I, your God-Love, your Creator, today, in my great mercy, I ask you once again to return to me, to humbly ask me for forgiveness for your sins.

The hour has come, this humanity will find itself bewildered, it will stop mocking Me and will ask Me for help, it will suddenly find itself before the great and tremendous scourge. It is My hour! It is the hour of My justice! It is the Enough of God!

Beloved men, you have not wanted to listen to my cry of love and salvation for you, you have deceived yourselves thinking that you can overcome every obstacle by yourselves, in your pride you have given greatness to your intellect, ... Well, now you will understand that you were wrong!

Without me, you cannot save yourselves.

This cataclysm will be the test!

Will you be able to stop this ball of fire that will fall on Earth?

And you, the scientists of this petty world, will now also be bewildered, because suddenly you will be confronted with the Power of God.

Who is like God, no one!

It saddens me, this Humanity is proud and sinful, it has denied its Creator God to take his place.

Well, my children, can you now stop this on your own, in your pride? NO! He Who Is tells you! He who created all things. He who now comes to make reparation for sin.

I am the One Who Is!

Now you will have the proof that God exists, but you will have it after a deserved punishment for your sins.

It is the Enough of God! God's betrayers shall perish! It is the end of the evil stewards.

The sun shall rise again, a new dawn shall come and new heavens and a new earth shall the people have. With all my pain I come to say my Enough! Prepare yourselves for all is near.