You have reached the end of this race -Carbonia

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia, Italy, May 10, 2022

This time is a time of transformation, ... I will place my people on a new Earth!

Transformation is taking place! Man must repent and return to Me, his Creator God. I ask for the conversion of this Humanity before my intervention.

I will create new worlds, I will place My people on a new Earth, in the wonders of My All they will dwell, I will mold them in Me and they will be as I had foreseen from the beginning:

... I saw My creature full of Me, similar to Me, ... holy and immaculate in love,

... I followed her steps in My infinite goodness,

Her joy was immense!

Yes! ... I loved my Creature from my thought, before she was, I saw her rejoicing in my arms, I heard the beating of her heart in Me. ... How beautiful! I embraced my Creature in Me, I rejoiced in holding her close to My Chest. How much, how much love for you, my creature!

Beloved children, the time has come to return to Me, the time has come to enter into Me to enjoy Me infinitely.

The New Earth awaits to be inhabited by the children of the King. Advance towards Me, my children, do not hesitate any longer, the Father is waiting for you to embrace Him again; do not be afraid to face the trials, you were destined to be victorious in Me, ... Desire to be Mine with all your heart and the victory will be in you.

Satan cries out for vengeance against the Creator God, he wants to satisfy his lusts, but he knows that he will never be able to defeat the One who is the Creator, his battle has come to an end, ... he already feels the bitter defeat within himself.

This is a time of transformation, I am about to bring down the curtain of this ancient story, ... I will open the New Age, I will open wide the Gate of my Garden and I will invite my Sons to feast at my Banquet.


... It is already the Lord's Passover!

My people, convert now! ... Night has fallen, your passion is in action. Awake, arise, return to Me, your God of Love, renounce sin. Recognize Me as your God, love Him who became Man for your salvation, ... open your heart to Him, long to be His, desire to enter into Him to enjoy Him eternally.

You have reached the end of this race, you are about to taste the Beauty of God!

Do not waste this grace, O men.

Repent, repent, repent, repent!