Your mission on earth


Jesus says:

Why do you waste your time with reading bad books that divert you from the sound Doctrine contained in the Holy Scriptures? Come and draw near to it so that you may drink from clean springs and not play with the great treasure of your salvation.

Why do you walk from one place to another because of the itch (excessive desire) to hear novelties? Turn your eyes to Me and discover Me in the Holy Book, a book that will be your guide, helping you to change your behavior, recognizing your sins and turning your heart to the Lord.

God has created you with a special mission to fulfill here on earth. Abandon yourselves, then, to my Divine Will to polish you, as the rough stones that you are, each one of you.

In the Sacred Scriptures I speak to you in different ways, sometimes I use allegories, other times in metaphors and parables, descending to your human intellect so that you may understand that being such an ancient message, it is new, because I am the same One who yesterday and today calls you to a recognition of your miseries so that leaving slavery (as beggars of sin) you may go on to inherit the promised kingdom, by listening to my Word and putting it into practice.

Only in its constant reading will you find the pearls that cannot be given to swine.

Return to Me for your return is urgent.

Do not wander like a ship that is lost in the immensity of the ocean, without knowing its course because its compass has gone astray.

I am the Captain of your lives, come into my boat and row out to sea and you will not get lost, because I will guide you until you find the spring of my Divine Heart and drink from its living waters.

I adorn you with jewels and precious stones so that, as children of the King, you may enter his mansion to enjoy his promised goods.

What are your fears in giving yourselves to Me, surrendering your lives to Me to make of you works of fine art? Decide to give yourselves to Him who created you in His image and likeness so that you may resemble your Maker.

I call you with a voice of supplication, for I love you. Come to Me and I will give you the reward for the happy return.

Jesus to Agustín del Divino Corazón