Coincidences? I think not

Coincidences? I think not.

I am convinced that one of the reasons certain bishops and priests seem determined to suppress the TLM and isolate, marginalize the people who want it is because the TLM unsettles, disturbs, annoys, irritates, needles, vexes clerics involved in one of the sins that cries to heaven.

[…]The first thing you would have to do is change the way people worship.  Change how they pray, and over time over time you change what they believe.    In the Vetus Ordo the changers perceive an obstacle to changing the Church’s doctrines, especially in the sphere of sexual morality.   Therefore, they must restrict access to public celebrations of the TLM and keep as many priests as possible from learning it.   Make sure the liturgy in churches and seminaries emphasizes – on a good day – the Resurrection aspect of the Paschal Mystery and eschatological joy for everyone.  Make sure people don’t hear too much about propitiation, sin, guilt and judgment (concepts consistently stripped out of the orations of the Novus Ordo).

At One Peter Five, Peter Kwasniewski (PK, hereafter) has a piece about remarks made by one of the über-haters of the Traditional Latin Mass, Andrea Grillo (aka Mr. Cricket).  He is a prof at Rome’s main liturgical school, Sant’Anselmo.  Without question he is one of the driving forces in Rome behind the attacks on the Vetus Ordo.

PK looked at one of Mr. Cricket’s recent articles (7 Aug) entitled with a double entendre, “Condoms for Sex and Ecclesiastical Preservation”. The Italian word for “condoms” is “preservativi”. In Italy, don’t ask for “preserves” for your bread and butter. This is the sort of humor Mr. Cricket seems to like. On his blog, Cricket has a photo of himself giving the world the finger.

Someone might say, “But Father!  But Father!  You have an active imagination.  That’s a perfectly innocent picture.  But you are the type who sees insults from every gesture of men like the esteemed professor because YOU HATE VATICAN II!”

Okay… why would anyone have this picture, for years?

Probably for the same reason that one of Francis’ closet advisers, if not the closest, fellow Jesuit Fr. Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro maintains, under his own name, a website in honor of the late homo-erotic writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli.

There is an Italian proverb: “II diavolo non può nascondere la coda…. The devil can’t hide his tail.”   The idea is this: The Enemy of the soul and his agents will always tell you what they are up to.  Even when they try to fool you through the appearance of beauty, you will find not so well-hidden in it something ugly, twisted and vile. In plain sight.

Back to Mr. Cricket.

He offers an argument for the “reopening” of the question of contraception that is so tangled that it is risible.  PK did the heavy lifting at One Peter Five.   Suffice to say that one of the chief architects of attacks on the Vetus Ordo, because of his own gnostic insights into the ecclesiology blah blah of Vatican II, is arguing for a reinterpretation of the Church’s teaching on sexuality in marriage by the reopening of the question of contraception.

A couple things.

The rapid rise of homosexual advocacy in the Church… the subtle undermining of the integrity of marriage via paths to Communion for the objectively divorced and remarried… the effort to obscure and even chisel out John Paul II’s “theology of the body”, teaching on the family and foundation of moral theology in Veritatis splendor… the push to reinterpret all of the Church’s teachings, law and liturgy through the lens of whatever it is they glean from Vatican II… to unhinge the sexual act from procreation… to suppress the Vetus Ordo and all who want it…  these are all connected.

The Enemy always tells us what he is up to.

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