Enkindle others in the love of Christ

We Christians are to be a fire that kindles, as Jesus kindled his disciples. No one who has known us should remain indifferent; our love should be a living fire that turns into points of ignition, other sources of love and apostolate, those we deal with. The Holy Spirit will blow, through us, in many who seemed extinguished, and from their embers of Christian life will come out flames that will spread to other environments that if it were not for them would have remained cold and dead. It does not matter if it seems to us that we are little, that we can hardly do anything, that we do not know, that we lack formation. The Lord only wants to be able to count completely on each one of us. Let us not forget that a small spark can give rise to a great fire. How pleasing it is to the Lord that, in the intimacy of our soul, we tell Him that we are all of Him, that He can count on the little that we are! "You wrote: "I hear you cry out, my King, with a loud voice, which still vibrates: 'ignem veni mittere in terram, et quid volo nisi ut accendatur?' - I have come to bring fire to the earth, and what do I want but that it burns?"

"Then you would add: "Lord, I answer you - all of me - with my senses and powers: 'ecce ego quia vocasti me!' - 'ecce ego quia vocasti me!'"

"-May this response of yours be a daily reality "

True love for God is immediately manifested in apostolate, in the desire that others know and love Jesus Christ. "With the marvelous normality of the divine, the contemplative soul overflows with apostolic zeal: my heart burned within my breast, fire was kindled in my meditation (Ps 38:4). What fire is that if not the same fire of which Christ speaks: I have come to bring fire to the earth, and what would I want but that it should burn? (Lk 12:49). The fire of the apostolate is strengthened in prayer (...)", in intimate contact with Christ.

It is there that apostolic zeal is nourished. Next to the Tabernacle we will have light and strength; we will speak to Jesus about our children, parents, siblings, friends, about the person we have just met, about those we will meet that day for professional reasons or in the small incidents of daily life. To all of them, in one way or another, by word, by example, by prayer, we must proclaim Christ who seeks them, who waits for them, and who uses us as his instruments. "That divine cry still resounds in the world: "I have come to bring fire to the earth, and what do I want but for it to be kindled? -And you see: almost everything is extinguished.....

"Are you not encouraged to spread the fire?".

We tell Jesus to count on us, with our little strength and our meager talents: ecce ego quia vocasti me, here I am because you have called me. And we ask St. Mary, Regina Apostolorum, that we may know how to be bold in this task of making Christ known.