The evil ones are polluting the air with bacteria and noxious gases

Carbonia 18.08.2022 - 

Write my little flower, write to my beloved people:

Beloved children, it is God the Father who speaks to you, listen to His Voice, be like the lilies of the field, open in your beauty to His Call. May your fragrance ascend to Him who is in Heaven and awaits your offering of love.

I am all yours beloved children, I am He who has created you with so much love and with so much tenderness is waiting to embrace you again to Himself, to give you to enjoy His infinite beauty.

You will rejoice forever and sing hymns of thanksgiving to your God; you will show Him all your love with absolute fidelity.

When in the silence of the night you hear the great noise coming from heaven, know that the hour of the Father's wrath has come:

His Justice will be terrible for those who fight Him, therefore, behave as God asks you; be vigilant, be pure of heart; do not show yourselves weak before man. Trust in God, He will come to your aid. Trust in Him who gave you life and support His plan of salvation.

Pray for the poor in spirit that they may be open to true conversion and offer their lives to the One who created them.

My children, the wicked are polluting the air with bacteria and noxious gases, soon they will also poison the water, they will reduce the food supply to bring you into their slavery.

You are about to enter a state of absolute deprivation, they will demand that you accept their law for a piece of bread.

The clock strikes the end of this misery created by Satan to destroy Humanity:

The passion will be great for many!

God declares his intervention! The rapture of His chosen ones will be soon.

Pray My blessed souls, oh you who follow, serve, adore and love Me, pray for your brothers so that they may find the strength to renounce sin and return to Life.

It is the hour of separation!

God will take His own for Himself and will leave in tribulation all those who deny Him by preferring Satan.

The sun is in its next burst.