All of the refuges will be connected together

The Lord will cover you will his pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge. The Lord has prepared different refuges everywhere in the world now to welcome you, as in the days of Noah. Noah prepared an ark as a refuge for his family. He was the just one in the middle of people who laughed at him. If everyone who was called by the Father had already made a refuge, this would be wonderful. But many refused to do it. So we are in the days leading to the flood today for which He is preparing us.

One day, the Father showed me the Internet. I realized something very strongly. He said to me, “Michel, the devil thinks that he has a net, the Internet. He doesn’t know what a real net is.” And He laughed. He has a lot of humor, the Lord. He is a joyful one. Sometimes I can hear Him laughing. He said, “Look now and see the net of the Holy Spirit,” and He showed me every refuge in the world—a map with light revealing where all the refuges exist. It was amazing to see.

A refuge is also a place that must be dedicated to the Father. Some people have received a specific message to build a large refuge. A refuge can be a home, no matter where it is, if it’s consecrated to the Father with a heart that wants to be obedient and faithful to Him by confessing the Name of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior of the world, not only in word, but also through actions.

The refuge, first of all, is you. Before it is a place, it is a person, a person living with the Holy Spirit, in a state of grace. A refuge begins with the person who has committed her soul, her body, her being, her morality, according to the Word of the Lord, the teachings of the Church, and the law of the Ten Commandments. I call the Ten Commandments the passport for heaven. When you come to the border, you have to show your passport. I assure you, before entering heaven, you will have to show how obedient you were to the Ten Commandments of the Lord because the Old Testament has not been destroyed by Jesus. The Old Testament has been fulfilled by Jesus, and this means that the Old Testament must also be fulfilled by us. We are not masters. We are only disciples.

Your first refuge is also the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Why Mary, as well? Mary is the only one who gave flesh to Jesus. This means that the heart of Jesus is the flesh of Mary, and you cannot separate the Heart of Jesus from the Heart of Mary.

All of the refuges will be connected together. People in each refuge will be chosen as messengers. They will be declared in each refuge with this gift. They will be taken by the Holy Spirit to go and help, connecting with other refuges so that people will know what is happening everywhere. If you are in need, the messengers will know what to do. They will be like Philip in the Acts of the Apostles. You remember in the Bible when Philip, the apostle, went to the eunuch and baptized him, and immediately afterward, the Holy Spirit took Philip away and put him in another place? It will be exactly the same. So we will need no phones, nothing like that. Communication will be in the way of the Holy Spirit.

God showed me that when that time comes, people in the refuges will miss nothing. They will not miss the Eucharist. They will have the Holy Eucharist in their place because He will have prepared the priests to go to from one place to another, just as he moved Philip, in order to provide the Holy Eucharist to His people. A priest will also be available for every refuge, and when the priest isn’t there, the angel will bring the Holy Host to the people for Communion. Remember, he did that when he appeared in Portugal. Most people know about the apparitions of Mary in Fatima, but they forgot about the angel of Portugal. He brought the Holy Eucharist with him. You ask me how he did it? We are so curious. God the Father asked the angel to bring Communion. The angel first goes to a Tabernacle, takes a host, and then he comes. This is how some visionaries receive the host on their tongues from a holy angel. The Church knows about this.

The angel has no power to consecrate the Bread of Life. This belongs to Christ and the Church, to those who have been ordained to the priesthood. When the angel did this in Portugal, he wanted to teach the children there how to pray with veneration and adoration.

After the six and half weeks [or so] following the Warning, when the devil’s influence returns, you will see [at some point] a little flame in front of you, if you are called to go to a refuge. This will be your guardian angel who shows this flame to you. And your guardian angel will advise you and guide you. In front of your eyes, you will see a flame that will guide you where to go. Follow this flame of love. He will conduct you to a refuge from the Father.

If your home is a refuge, he will guide you by this flame through your home. If you must move to another place, he will guide you along the road that leads there. Whether your refuge will be a permanent one, or a temporary one before moving to a bigger one, will be for the Father to decide. The Father told me that a permanent refuge will have a well. This is important. That will be the sign that it is a permanent refuge.

You will not bring a cell phone. You will leave the car far from you and your property. You will not use the Internet and will throw out your computer, your television, any kind of electronic device because the devil has already worked on these products before you obtained them. He has implemented inside of them the means to find you wherever you are. People can hear you talking in your home through your cell phone. They can see you in the little camera. “No, father,” people say to me, “the camera lens isn’t operative. It’s closed.”

“Huh! Huh! Do you not know that they can open it? We’ve given them permission by signing on lines under little characters we don’t read. The devil will use your I-phone, your I-Pad, your tablet. . . We will have to throw these things out to protect ourselves. throw everything off of your land. You won’t need these things anymore. You have to be faithful in this. Throw them out. Don’t worry about communication. The Lord showed me how we will communicate with each other through angels of the Lord. The devil will use what we call electronic chips, which have been placed in every new car. He can will see where you go and follow you on the road. “Oh, GPS, it’s so nice to have!” you say. Well, it’s nice for him, too!

After the time [about six and a half weeks] allowed by God for people to return to Jesus, they will have to make a decision: to come back to Him of their free will, or to reject Him. If others reject Him, you will be strengthened in the Holy Spirit. When the angel shows you the flame to follow to the refuge where he wants you to be, you will be strengthened in the Holy Spirit, and your emotions will be neutralized. Why? Because you will be purified from all the entrance of the darkness. You will have the strength of the Holy Spirit. Your heart will be according to the will of the Father. You will know the will of the Father, and you will know they have chosen the wrong way. You will follow the way that is yours under the guidance of the Lord and the angel of the Lord because He is the way, the life, and the truth. Your heart will be according to the Holy Spirit, Who is the love of Christ, Himself, and the Father, Himself. He will drive you. He will conduct you. You will have no fear. You will just watch them. I saw it. I passed through it. You will not be able to do anything more for them. You will have accomplished your mission through your prayers and your testimony for the Lord, and they will have to live according to their decision.

You will “live in the shelter of the most high” and “abide in the shadow of the Almighty.”

In the six and a half weeks following the Illumination of Conscience, a great gift will be given all of us. The Lord will calm our passions and appease our desires. He will heal us from the distortion of our senses, so after this Pentecost, we will feel that our entire body is in harmony with Him.

Standing guard at every refuge will be a holy angel of the Lord who will block anyone from entering who does not have a sign of the cross on their forehead. Many already have the sign of the cross, which I can see, and many will desire it. And all who have received the desire for him, the sense that they need His salvation, will be marked on their forehead with a luminous cross by your guardian angel. If you desire this sign, [which is now invisible to the human eye, but not to God], say yes to Jesus with your heart and you will be marked.

The Father told me that when people enter a refuge, many will be healed of major illnesses so as to not be a burden to others. You will still suffer from normal aches and pains because you are human and not in heaven yet, just in a refuge. Everyone will be there willingly, knowing that the blessing of the Lord is upon them.

For three and half years, you will be in your refuge or in your home consecrated as a refuge, but you will not be sad not to go out. You will be happy to be there because of what you will see is happening outside. You will just be preoccupied with the will of the Father. He will give you something great to keep you occupied. You will be astonished by what will happen in your home and on your land. Your heart will not be troubled by sadness and ennui. You will hardly be bored.

You will not be allowed to rest on your haunches, waiting for others to serve you. Through sharing, living in close proximity, and working with one another, your charity will be constantly tested. Can you imagine five ladies at the same stove trying to cook a ham? “We do it like this, with this recipe”. . . “No, no, no, it’s like that . . .”

Now imagine the men. “We must make this wall larger, if we want to put more people here”. . .”No, not here. Over there. . .” It will not be easy. We will have to re-educate ourselves in order to care for others in the way that Jesus cares for us. We will have a lot to learn. But we will do it with His grace. We will understand the life of the first Christian communities in the Acts of the Apostles, where it says they were all of one heart and one prayer and shared everything in common:

The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common. (Acts 4:32)

They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers. Awe came upon everyone, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. All who believed were together and had all things in common. (Acts 2:43-44)

If people come to your home or refuge, they will be sent by their angel. You will be protected and provided for, needing only the basic necessities. Jesus will multiply what you have. Do not worry. But don’t think that you will have lipstick or French perfume. You are not on a cruise. You are there to follow the will of the Father.

I have seen so many refuges, so many people are prepared everywhere I go. I have met people with piety and good will, and they want to act as real disciples of Jesus, by acting with the Word of the Lord and with the Spirit in their hearts.

I visited a refuge, and they had so much food there. I asked, “Why do you have so much food?”

“Because of the three and half years that we’ll be in a refuge.”

I said, “Don’t worry. If Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5000, he can multiply your food for a few years. He has no problem with that.”

This will give you some idea of what is coming so you can be prepared, first of all with a good head on our shoulders. Choose only the necessities for life. Try now to put some flour together and make bread for yourself. It is time now to make it. When the time comes, you will say, “I know, Lord Jesus, how to make bread!” These things are important. People don’t know what to do now because they are so accustomed to eating pre-made food. Have the necessities to stay alive: Flour, rice, water, dry milk, for instance. When we preserve things well, they can keep for a long time. When we were young, Mom put meat and vegetables in a pot, boiled the water, and sealed it tight without air. We ate it five years later, and we were never sick. Why do they put expiration dates on cans for a couple months or one year? Why do they put this? To make money.

Prepare yourselves. Work with your hands. Think about your basic food. This is what we will have to do. There won’t be electricity anymore. You know, I’m not an expert regarding war, but one of the first things blown up is plants generating electricity. This is true. If we have no electricity, then no computer will be working, no banking system.

If you are led to go to a refuge, leave your bread on the table and go to the refuge. Follow the flame in front of you. In the refuge, God knows what to do, and the people who have a refuge also know what to do. So simply have some reserves. God will multiply your food when you go there.

He will rescue you from the fowler’s snare,
from the destroying plague,
He will shelter you with his pinions,
and under his wings you may take refuge;
his faithfulness is a protecting shield.

From the refuge, you will see the fowlers, who are under the control of Satan, passing by your refuge or home. They will sometimes look like an army; at other times, like an enrollment person for this One World government. You will see them passing by on the street, but they will not see your home or refuge. This is how the Lord will protect you from the fowlers. They will not be able to hear you, see you, or enter into your home or into your refuge.

“The destroying plague” will be every kind of epidemic that will travel across the world. Familiar epidemics have been AIDS and Ebola. Beginning in the second world war, scientists began producing chemical weapons, and this is happening now. New plagues will arise, but you will be protected.

Satan will try to inflict our bodies. This is important what I am telling you. Many sicknesses now are from the devil, who has inspired new sciences. He will strike the body through food and medicine created in laboratories. Scientists are now playing with genomes, the genetic material of life, and a new “scientific” meal is on the horizon: fabricated meat. In 2020, it will be in the markets, I assure you. Young people today are dying now from energy drinks, like Red Bulls.

Authorities know this, but so many drinks are still allowed on the market because of money—one of the heads of the beast.

The bees are dying. I heard today it is because of wifi, the 4- and 5-G towers that send out the powerful electromagnetic frequencies. Half of the production of the bees this year died. He uses a lot of things now to hurt us.

Satan will also use general, common injections and vaccines to inflict people with disease: the flu shot, for example. The new flu shot contains cell proteins and fetal DNA from aborted babies, which will cause an illness like mad cow disease, because we are not meant to consume our own kind. A doctor in Quebec told me that he doesn’t at all trust the flu shot anymore because for the last ten years, they have refused to reveal to everyone, even doctors, what it contains.

You shall not fear the terror of the night
nor the arrow that flies by day,
Nor the pestilence that roams in darkness,
nor the plague that ravages at noon.

Before I gave a talk recently in the United States, Satan came to me during the night to hit me, to make me fear, because he knew I would be speaking. Three p.m. in the daytime is the hour of mercy when Jesus saved the world. Three a.m. is the devil’s time in the darkness, so he came around that time, and for an hour and a half, we fought. But I was so peaceful. I said, “You can do nothing.”

We don’t have to fear because our faith is already victorious over Satan. The more you realize that, the stronger you will be. From the refuge, you will see with your eyes what is happening outside. You will see the arrow that flies by day, I assure you. God showed me the terrible deeds of people I now call “the dogs of Satan,” who will bite and devour people and homes. But the Lord will steady you, and you will understand God’s timing, and how you can do nothing to change them because they have made their choice.

Some of “the pestilence that roams in darkness,” and “the plague that ravages at noon” will be caused by sin, which carries with it the poison of Satan. Homosexual acts, transgender immorality, abortion, drugs—now the legalization of marijuana, bring plagues with them. The culture of death is becoming more and more perverted. Animals don’t do what people do now.

Twenty-five years ago, when I was a counselor, I heard everything in my office. When I became a priest, the stories got worse. Sometimes I had to leave my office to vomit because of what I would hear. Human perversions have gotten crazy, and when I’d say to people, “An animal wouldn’t do what you are doing,” they’d stare at me, realizing this was true. People seem to be out of their mind. This is because of the entrance of the devil through perversion and through drugs. The other entrance is death. The devil wants them dead.

Satan has used science to achieve his goal of taking hold of bodies designed against the Lord’s will. Now they are fabricating bodies in the laboratory. These bodies are receptacles of Satan to poison, pollute life, and spread his grip on society. They have already fabricated animals. I heard that they put the gene of a spider in a cow. The spider is one of the symbols of Satan in satanic cults. We are now like in the times of the great flood. Greed, jealousy, hatred, and demons are manipulating the arts, wounding consciences, and degrading peoples’ intelligence.

Now transgender is a big challenge. The devil has no power to create: God the Father creates. But he wants to imitate what God does, so he is destroying the image of a man and a woman. He confuses their intellect, stirs up their passions, so they think they are no longer a man or a woman, that they are transgender, and he causes them to act upon their bad decisions. The devil has no sex. He is an angel. Do you realize now what this means? It means that he wants them in his own image. This is what is happening now in the world.

Our bodies can be a territory of Satan. He always enters through our senses: our eyes, smells, touch, sexuality. He enters through our will, our imagination, our intelligence. But the moment a person says, “I want to return to you, God, my Father. I accept you, Jesus, as my Redeemer, and I want your Spirit in me,” He will heal you and free your will from the bonds of Satan, from the link he had established with you.

Know that the angels of the Lord are always there to answer our call. We have forgotten to invoke them now. The New Age has all their angels, but our Christian faith has always had angels. How come the New Age has come with angels who are seducing angels, and we who have the good angels don’t invoke them? It’s because they represent the army of Satan. This is why. It is running rampant in the world. They use Mary. The use Jesus. They disfigure Mary. They disfigure Jesus. They disfigure all our saints. They reach back in our tradition. They try to influence Catholic people to change their minds and become New Age believers. Now we have to be faithful about this. We have a lot of angels around us. We have an army of the Lord, and every time you talk to your guardian angel, he listens to you. You can be sure of that. He knows your heart. He knows you. He is there to help. All the angels of the Lord are there to help you.

Though a thousand fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
near you it shall not come.
You need simply watch;
the punishment of the wicked you will see.
Because you have the LORD for your refuge
and have made the Most High your stronghold. . .
No evil shall befall you,
no affliction come near your tent.

If you feel called to, you can consecrate your home and your land where you live to offer it as a refuge, if the Father so wishes. With the bounty of the Holy Spirit in your heart, you can act with Him to do the will of Our Father, and then say prayer of consecration from your heart. It does not need to be formal. [Click here for more instructions to consecration your home and land as a refuge.]

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, God the Father, through Your beloved Son, Who shed His blood on the Cross to save us, I consecrate my home and my land to You. It is Yours. Please use it as you wish for the safety of Your people. I consecrate this land and home to you through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be under the Holy Spirit for the time of purification.”

Then you will have Holy Water and Blessed salt that have been exorcised. Take the exorcised water and sprinkle it inside, making the sign of cross, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Outside on your land, take the exorcised salt and sprinkle it before you, behind you, and on either side of you, making the sign of the cross, and the salt will mix with your land.

Why am I so insistent about this? Often in my life, I have to fight against the devil. By the grace of the Lord, I do exorcisms, and by the grace of the Lord, I’ve seen what exorcized salt and water can do, through performing exorcisms. They cast out the devil. The devil cannot trespass on land that is consecrated, I assure you.
As soon as you have consecrated your land and your home, your refuge is now protected by the holy angel of the Lord. Not only the area that you have consecrated, but also all of its inhabitants. This means that if someone comes to your home with the spirit of the devil, the devil will stay out. The person can pass, but the spirit will wait for him or her until the person leaves. The bad spirit will not come in. [Click here for more information on how to bless your home and/or land as a refuge.]

Fr Michel Rodrigue