Can you become demon possessed after an abortion?

Can you become demon possessed after an abortion? Here's what an exorcist has to say

An exorcist priest responds to the concern of whether people who perform or undergo an abortion can become possessed by a demon.

Interviewed by ACI Prensa, Fr. Francisco Torres Ruiz, a priest of the diocese of Plasencia (Spain) and in charge of the ministry of exorcism, specified that "one thing is to open a door, a channel of communication to the devil, which is done through occult practices of Spiritism or these New Age therapies."

"And another thing is that through sin the devil can have an easier dominion, or submit that person to his will," he said.

"There are things that by sin weaken us" and people who fall into mortal sin "spiritually are dead," he warned.

These people, he continued, "are more prone that the devil can dominate them, can subdue them not physically but spiritually, taking them away from God and then therefore leading them to their own damnation."

"That is one thing and another thing is to open a door to a communication to the devil," he reiterated.

However, Fr. Torres Ruiz indicated that "when you put these two elements together, that is to say that you are weakened and dead because of sin and also enter into these practices, then it is more normal that the devil enters more violently into your life, either by a vexation or by a diabolical possession".

The Spanish priest indicated that "people who abort or who collaborate in abortion are not being stalked by the devil, but rather they are already prisoners of the devil himself, first of all because they are in excommunication", since "the sin of abortion is a sin that carries the excommunication latae sententiae", that is to say, immediately, without the need for someone to declare it.

By being excommunicated, he continued, the person is "deprived of Eternal Life, deprived of the goods of Grace and of any spiritual help that the Church can give you".

In that way, he said, "you are at the mercy of the devil, of whatever the devil wants to do with you."

Worse still, he said, are cases in which the aborted baby "is ritually offered to the devil, as happens in many sects and as happens in many abortion parlors."