Chariots of fire will travel the world

 Carbonia June 12, 2016

The chariots of fire will travel the world causing fire and destruction. Gog and Magog will return to the world and it will be the height of war! It will be horror in every corner of the Earth!

My bride, the night is inexorably approaching, everything will be in My Justice! 

You will see your sin come to the surface and you will feel in your heart a great pain. Beloved children, prepare yourselves for the encounter with your God, everything is imminent, the day will pass without warning and in the night everything will happen.

Israel is about to be attacked, this will happen shortly, her fame will be lost before the aggressors. Its splendor will fall because of its arrogance.

The whole world will weep blood because it will be the time of the great apostasy!

Fear will be everywhere, the beard of the murderers will be long!

Put my Truth in you, oh men, and proceed according to my Holy Gospel, put yourselves in me and accompany me in my Holy Eucharist.

My people, the cry comes to you, in pain you will be for your sins, for your disobedience to my commandments. You will be taken by surprise and everything will collapse in a single instant.

Chariots of fire will pass through the whole world setting on fire and destroying everything they find on the way. Death will be present everywhere as never seen before.

Beloved children, Gog and Magog will return to the world and it will be the culmination of war and it will be horror in every corner of the Earth.

My sorrow is great, My Sacred Heart drips blood, My children will know great pain, death will strike a great part of humanity. What sorrow! What anguish for my eyes! I see my children dying of pain! I see the Earth trembling! Its convulsions are caused by your horrible sins, oh men!

Italy will fall into the wretched hands of the infernal enemy, the invaders will plant their flag and possess Rome, and Rome will be destroyed. The Vatican will perish! Many nations will weep for the loss of their sons.

Poor men, O you who have decided to sell your God to his enemy, ... for you the black moon will descend, never again will you see a flower bloom, never again will you feel the morning breeze caress your skin! Never again will you raise your eyes to heaven!

It will be the end of everything, of every man who has turned against his Creator God. It will be the end of an ancient history, but it will be the beginning of a new life in Me, in Him who will paint everything anew and give it all to His children who will dwell in His Immensity and be blessed forever.

The tanks are already moving against Israel, it is time for war! It is time for misery to end! My people! My people! What harm have I done to you? Why have you denied Me? I am in My infinite Weeping, I still cry out to you for conversion, only I can intervene for your salvation, let Me save you oh ungrateful people, decide for Me.

Do not wait any longer, the time is already knocking!

The Miracle can still happen, but you must cry out to Me all your desire for Me, to be all Mine, and I will open My arms wide, and I will take you to Me, in My bosom I will place you and there you will find all My infinite Good.

Listen, My children, to My cry of salvation, place yourselves in Me, everything is at hand.

I love you, do not be foolish, ask Me for forgiveness with contrition of heart and I will save you.

                   God saves!