France: abuse hoax falls apart

From Lettre de Paix liturgique (October 14).

• In October 2021, the French bishops published a report on homosexual abuse in the Church from 1946 to the present day, which spoke of an alleged 330,000 victims.

In reality, the Masonic bishops, with Bergoglio at their head, promote the propaganda of clerical sexual abuse in order to damage the sacredness of the priesthood and to cast a good dose of ignominy on the Church.

• Yet, one year later, there are less than 1500 unconfirmed applications for compensation, of which only 40 have been approved so far (25 from dioceses; 15 from religious congregations).

• 1000 of these unconfirmed applications concern dioceses, schools, scouts.

• 500 unconfirmed applications concern religious congregations.ía F