It is necessary for you to have discipline also in the spiritual life

Some monks live austerely and lead a life of holiness that only God knows. But there are also monks so polluted that their soul full of filthiness is known only to God. I, the Spirit of God, speak to you. 

And so it is always in the things of God, wheat and tares mixed together, therefore, then they judge according to the reactions or deeds of the good monk or the bad monk, because as they see one person act, they judge the rest of the community by it. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

But the day will come, children of God, that all will come to light, all will be known to the glory of some and the shame of others. And the same thing happened to Christ, that among the twelve there was also the traitor mixed with the good wheat that were the others. Satan takes his share, he knows how to deceive the souls that he sees slack in virtue, and he touches them again and again until he drags them to his ground, and does not let them go, because his aim is that they be lost eternally. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

Therefore, children of God, you have been told for the umpteenth time to draw up a plan for your spiritual life and to follow it as perfectly as possible, do not follow it only when you have the desire or the fervor. It is necessary that you also have a discipline in your spiritual life, and if you do your prayers and reading at the same time, so much the better, because in this way you will predispose yourselves to leave everything at that time to fulfill what you have to do at that time. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

You see that the Lord told you to pray the chaplet at three o'clock in the afternoon, or that a Holy Hour be made from 11 to 12 o'clock at night on Thursdays. He sets the schedule so that you get used to doing what is established at the same hour and not when you feel like it. Just as you eat at more or less the same time and get up at the same time, so also fulfill the plan of spiritual life at the same time, without omitting your professional and family duties. It is not that the chaplet or the Holy Hour at another hour is not worthwhile, but it is much better to make your spiritual commitments at the same hour whenever possible. I, the Spirit of God, speak to you.  Peace to all who read this message, believe it and put it into practice.

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