Meeting Jesus and making him known

The Gospel of today's Mass ends with these words of Jesus: When you go with your adversary to the magistrate, try to agree with him on the way, lest he force you to go to the judge, and the judge hand you over to the bailiff, and the bailiff put you in prison.... We all go along the road of life towards judgment. Let us take advantage now to forget grievances and grudges, however small they may be, while there is still some way to go. Let us discover the signs that point to God's presence in our lives. Then, when the hour of judgment arrives, it will be too late to remedy them. This is the opportune time to rectify, to deserve, to love, to repair. The Lord invites us today to discover the profound meaning of time, for it is possible that we still have small debts pending: debts of gratitude, of forgiveness, even of justice?

At the same time, we must help others who accompany us on life's journey to interpret those traces that mark the Lord's passing close to their families, their places of work.... It is possible that some, perhaps the most distant, do not follow the Master because they see him with a myopic look, like many of those who surrounded him in Palestine, because "what many fight against is not the true God, but the false idea that they have made of God: a God who protects the rich, who does nothing but ask and harass, who is envious of our progress, who continually spies from above our sins to take pleasure in punishing them (...). God is not like that: he is just and good at the same time; Father also of the prodigal children, whom he wishes to see not mean and miserable, but great, free, creators of their own destiny. Our God is so little a rival to man that he has willed to make him his friend, calling him to share in his own divine nature and his own eternal happiness. Nor is it true that he asks too much of us; on the contrary, he is content with little, because he knows very well that we do not have much (...). This God will make himself known and loved more and more; and of everyone, including those who today reject him, not because they are bad (...), but because they look at him from the wrong point of view. That they still do not believe in him? He answers them: it is I who believe in you". God, as a good Father, is not discouraged before his children. Let us not lose hope ourselves: let us show others as many indications and references as He leaves in His wake. If the peasant knows well the evolution of time, we Christians must know how to discover Jesus, Lord of history, present in the world, in the midst of the great events of humanity, and in the small events of the unimportant days. Then we will know how to make him known to others.