P Pio: Chase Them Away!

Padre Pio: Young Brothers No Longer Want the Tonsure? Chase Them Away!

One day, some fathers were discussing with the Capuchin general definitor, the councillor close to the minister general, when Padre Pio assumed a scandalised attitude and exclaimed with a stern look in his eyes.

"What do you want in Rome? What are you meddling with? Do you also want to change the rule of St Francis?"

The definitor replied: "Father, we would like to propose changes because the young brothers no longer want the tonsure, the habit, bare feet...".

"Drive them out! Drive them out! What do they think? Are they perhaps doing St Francis a favour by taking the habit and following his rule of life, or is it not rather St Francis who offers them this great gift?"

Source: ITreSentieri.it (September 22).