Prepare your homes —Carbonia

Carbonia 22.10.2022 

The hour of Divine Justice has come! Prepare your homes.

May this day be blessed by your preparation for Heaven!

Jesus and Mary, offer today your heavenly blessing to all present: May the grace of God the Father descend upon this hill. May the Choir of Angels sing the glory of God!

Children of Love, be one in Him who created you, embrace your God Love, honor His Most Sacred Heart, ... let your faces rejoice at the coming of your God Savior.

The Earth has become dark, men have given themselves over to Satan, ... like zombies they roam its streets seeking to drink the blood of their own brothers.

The hour of divine justice has come!

Prepare, O men, for the coming season: all will enter the endless cold of hunger and sadness, men will no longer know where to lay their heads.

The earth rebels, it will now vomit up all the poison that man has made it swallow with his unbridled greed for money.

Torrential rain, hail and fire will bring this ruined Humanity to its knees. Poor men!.... However, you have been warned, Heaven has come down to Earth to let you know!

God has called humanity to repentance, to conversion, but Humanity, at this point deaf and blind, has not heeded the call of salvation of its Creator and has made an ever closer alliance with the Devil.

Beloved children, ...the time has come for all the prophecies to be fulfilled:

prepare your houses,

have the sacramentals at hand.

Pray the Holy Rosary in your families.

Make the spiritual communion several times a day,

May Jesus be in your hearts,

put his seal of love and salvation on you.

Share everything among brothers,

Help one another, open yourselves to Grace!

Do not hoard for fear of finding yourselves destitute tomorrow, for God's grace will multiply everything and nothing will be lacking to those who have shared their good with others.

The voice of God will soon thunder! His justice is near. 

                                               GOD IS!