Priests overruled by Francis should seek a superior -Schneider

Schneider: "If We Formally Disobey Francis, We Obey The Church Of All Times"

Bishop Athanasius Schneider told that he opposes Francis because the Church is "not a dictatorship".

"In a dictatorship, everyone is afraid to speak out because the dictator will suddenly punish you. But that should [sic!] not be the atmosphere in the Church," he said.

The bishop stressed that the current crisis over Catholic doctrine and the papacy was unique in the entire history of the Church. Not even the immoral Renaissance popes caused scandals by confusing doctrine.

Schneider sees "poor Francis" in a pitiable situation because he will have to answer to God one day "for leaving such a mess in the Church."

Therefore, he said, Francis' harmful orders should not be obeyed if they undermine the faith or take away the treasure of the liturgy: "Even if we would formally disobey, we will obey the whole Church of all times."

Schneider believes that canceled priests who oppose the dictatorship of Francis and his bishops cannot be fully independent and must have a superior. He thinks a priest can still join forces with a perhaps emeritus bishop, a traditional community or PiusX.