That is why i must intervene and send you a great tribulation

All of you, My children, all of you will have your share in the tribulation, for this planet has offended Me to the point of satiety. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

It is true that I have many repairing and adoring souls who compensate Me for so much ignominy and scorn that I receive, but even so, the number of those who hate and deny Me is much greater, and for that reason you will all pay in one way or another for the evil that I receive, each one according to his guilt, because although many love Me and worship Me, their negligence is sometimes more painful to Me than the infamies of those who do not love Me. I, Jesus, speak to you.

The world has lost sight of its destiny. I created it so that it would be happy in this life serving and glorifying Me. I redeemed it so that having conquered sin, it would have the life of grace and be saved from eternal perdition. But all My plans collapsed when men did their own will without taking Mine into account at all.

The souls go their own way without discipline or morals or anything to control them, and each one looks out for his own interests, without taking into account neither My glory nor the good of Humanity. That is why, children, I must intervene and send you a Great Tribulation that will make you wake up and open your eyes, because otherwise your blindness will drag you irremissibly into the eternal abyss. It is better for you, children, to suffer temporarily in this life than to suffer eternally in the next. I, Jesus, speak to you.

All that I decide is always for your good, and this, My children, you must believe this. My Father and I desire your good, a perpetual good, that is why whatever comes to you, whether it hurts you or not, is always for your good, for some it will be a punishment and for others it will serve for a greater crown. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Be of good courage and be prepared for My second coming, which many of you desire, but others fear it. Neither the one who receives pain nor the one who receives joy will I cease to love you, for My love for you will always be eternal and unlimited. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you. Peace to all who read this message, believe it and put it into practice.

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