There are already the first signs of the coming of Jesus Christ

Carbonia 26-10-2022

Be saints. Truly walk towards heaven.

Mary Most Holy says:

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I embrace you all to Me my children and I bless you!

Be saints. Set yourselves truly on the way to Heaven; do not look any longer at the things of this world. Turn with all your hearts towards the new Paradise that Jesus will open on this Earth.

Today I truly bless your hearts, my children, I thank you because you are always present here with the great desire to know the truth and to follow Jesus in all His truth.

You have accepted this call, soon your eyes will be opened to a new dimension.

When the cross of heaven will be manifested, that will be the moment of the great choice, ...the Lord will say to you: .... "With me or against me!".

And you will have to kneel before Him, you will have to prostrate yourselves before Him, bless Him and thank Him for all He has done for you: for having given His own life for your salvation.

My children, at that moment you will see your whole life on earth pass before your eyes, you will see your good works and your bad works: the good works that you did not do because at that moment you fell prey to a worldly situation.

Jesus will test you, He will ask you to examine yourselves and He will judge you.

Today, in this place, graces descend for all those who set foot here, who kneel before this holy altar and truly set out on the road to Heaven.

The bells are already ringing in Heaven, Jesus is happy to welcome his children; soon all will be in his arms: his children will enjoy his infinite love, they will enter his bosom and live in his infinite Divinity.

My children, repent, change your attitude, seriously get down on your knees before this call, .... this is not a joke my children, it is not a joke!!! It is a call that burns! It is an exhausting call, it is a call that really tests you.

Jesus calls you to be his "totus tuus". It is not easy, the things of this world unfortunately still attract you, you still look with earthly eyes and not with heavenly eyes. Many of you, my children, still do not understand the Word of God, you still do not understand God's call to repentance, to true conversion in Christ, so you still dwell on the things of this world, things that are not of God.

Do not waste your time in the choices of earthly things, but occupy every minute in the "Things" of Heaven. 

Purify yourselves, my children, purify yourselves.  Return to your God with a great love, with a great outburst of love, so that this love may be infinite and eternal.

In the world the voice of God is thundering, there are already the first signs of the coming of Jesus Christ; everything is preparing for the great thunder, for the great manifestation, when God will speak his justice.

Now, my children, truly examine yourselves in your hearts, make an examination of conscience, be in discernment. No one is perfect on this Earth and all of you are called to be the Image and Likeness of God, and to change your being, to transform it into the Divine Light to be divine in the Divine.

Today I accept all your petitions my children and I embrace you all in my Heart.

Embrace this Rosary with great intensity, place it in Our Lady's hands every day; She will come to join her hands with yours and will accept your intentions to present them to her Son Jesus.

The Heart of Mary is sad at this moment because of the things that are happening in the world, ... because of the great tribulation that is about to enter this world! Mary sees that this Humanity is unprepared and far from God, it is prey to Satan.

Mary weeps, weeps for what will come upon this Humanity, but the choice is in the free will of each man.

One cannot force the hand, one cannot force the choice of the heart: each one is free to choose the path he wants, but the Mother always suffers for the loss of her children and the Father is in mourning and pain for this earthly situation. Nothing can be done, the prophecies will now all be fulfilled, ... everything will be fulfilled according to the plans of God the Father.

My children, oh you who have turned away from Me, you have lost the opportunity for a new life, for a life in the heavenly beatitudes.

In order to understand God's love, in order to repent, you will have to go through the great pain that will now come upon the Earth, because of your sin: a sin that persists in your daily choices and, with joy you embrace it and prefer it to purity.

Hasten, my children, to return to God the Father Almighty, to the One who is your Creator, do not make your God Love suffer any more. There is not the slightest space without pain in your Creator God.

He gave you his own life through his Son to save you, but your pride