This was exactly the purpose for which I created man —Piccarreta

I was thinking of how all things rotate around the Sun: the earth, ourselves, all creatures, the sea, the plants – in sum, everything; we all rotate around the Sun. And because we rotate around the Sun, we are illuminated and we receive its heat. So, it pours its burning rays upon all, and by rotating around it, we and the whole creation enjoy its light and receive part of the effects and goods that the Sun contains. Now, how many beings do not rotate around the Divine Sun? Everyone does: all the Angels, the Saints, men, and all created things; even the Queen Mama – does she perhaps not have the first round, in which, rapidly spinning around it, she absorbs all the reflections of the Eternal Sun? Now, while I was thinking about this, my Divine Jesus moved in my interior, and squeezing me all to Himself, told me:

My daughter, this was exactly the purpose for which I created man: that he would always rotate around Me, and I, being at the center of his rotation like a sun, was to reflect in him my Light, my Love, my Likeness and all my happiness. At every round of his, I was to give him ever new contentments, new beauty, burning arrows. Before man sinned, my Divinity was not hidden, because by rotating around Me, he was my reflection, and therefore he was the little Light. So, it was as though natural that, I being the great Sun, the little light could receive the reflections of my Light. But, as soon as he sinned, he stop spinning around Me; his little light became dark, he became blind and lost the light to be able to see my Divinity in his mortal flesh, as much as a creature is capable of.

 (September 14th, 1923; Vol. 16)