You have to see things with eyes of eternity

Only in God do we understand the true reality of our own life and of all creation.

Faith in Christ must manifest itself in the small incidents of an ordinary day, and must lead us to "organize our daily life on earth by knowing how to look to Heaven, that is, to God, the supreme and ultimate goal of our tensions and our desires".

When, through faith, we have the ability to look to God, we understand the truth of existence: the meaning of events, which have a new dimension; the reason for the cross, for pain and suffering; the supernatural value that we can imprint on our daily work and on any circumstance which, in God and through God, receives a supernatural efficacy.

The Christian is not at all closed to earthly realities; on the contrary, "he can and must love the things created by God. For from God he receives them, and he looks upon them and respects them as objects from God's hands "10 , but only "using and enjoying creatures in poverty and freedom of spirit, does he truly enter into possession of the world, as one who has nothing and owns everything: All things are yours, you are Christ's and Christ is God's (1 Cor 3:22)". St. Paul recommended to the first Christians in Philippi: "Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is right, whatever is upright, whatever is lovely and praiseworthy, whatever is commendable, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy, hold it in high esteem.

The Christian acquires a particular greatness of soul when he has the habit of referring to God the human realities and the events, great or small, of his daily life. When he takes advantage of them to give thanks, to ask for help and to offer the task at hand, to ask forgiveness for his errors.... When, in short, he does not forget that he is a child of God every hour of the day and in every circumstance, and does not allow himself to be so wrapped up in events, in work, in the problems that arise... that he forgets the great reality that gives reason to everything: the supernatural meaning of his life. "To gallop, to gallop!... To do, to do!.... Fever, madness to move... Wonderful material buildings...

You... you have to see things with eyes of eternity, "keeping in mind" the end and the past...

"Stillness. -Peace. -Intense life within you. Without galloping, without the madness of changing your place, from the place that corresponds to you in life, like a powerful machine of spiritual electricity, to how many will you give light and energy, without losing your vigor and your light".

Let us go to the mercy of the Lord to grant us this gift, to live in faith, so that we can walk on earth with our eyes fixed on Heaven, with our gaze fixed on Him, on Jesus