You should not defile the marriage act with birth control pills or devices

October 25, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, it is a beautiful sign of love for a man and woman to get married in a church.  I am Love and I have love of My Church as a bride and I am the Groom.  I would love it if all couples could be married in church.  In a Catholic marriage, the couple is given a sacrament of Matrimony to join with Me in their new life together.  Each sacrament gives you grace, but some people forget that you receive this sacrament when you get married.  This is another reason to get married in My Church, instead of marriage by a Justice of the peace, or even living together without a marriage.  It is the husband and wife who share in My creation when they bring forth their children.  

This is why you should not defile the marriage act with birth control pills or devices, and avoid sterilization methods either which are all serious sins.  The sexual sins of prostitution, fornication, and adultery are serious sins against My Sixth Commandment.  

Also avoid birth control means, and avoid abortion that is a mortal sin against My Fifth Commandment of Thou shall not kill, even the baby in the womb.  By following My Commandments of love of Me and love of neighbor, you are on the right path to heaven.  

You can come to Confession and I will forgive your sins of human weakness.  Live in My love with clean souls, so you are prepared to meet Me at your judgment when you die.”