You will be taken from above to a dimension

Carbonia 15-10-2022

Dear children, I am the Blessed Virgin, I am the Mother of Jesus and your Mother; ... I come to celebrate with you the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and the glory of God on earth.

My dear children, oh you who have chosen the path of sorrow to attain eternal joy, truly I tell you: you have made the right choice; you will enjoy the wonders of God, you will be saints and you will be great in the new world, the whole Universe will welcome you and triumph with you for the glory of God.

Blessed creatures of the Divine Creator, oh you, faithful servants of His will, know that you have arrived at the end of a time, history is coming to an end here! Soon you will see shocking things on this Earth, but, you will hardly be in time to see them because you will be taken from above and taken to a dimension where you will receive the graces of God within you.

O you, O man, who have rebelled against the Commandments of God, who have chosen a path different from that of your Creator; you who have decided on your own to live another life, behold, I tell you in truth:

You will have on this Earth, by your own choice, the reward you deserve: ... Jesus cries out to you all His love and asks you to return to Him: He is waiting for you with open arms to take you into His bosom, to make you live in Him and to give you of Him eternally.

You will enter into His very Divinity, if you, oh man, choose to live with your Creator, your Divine Creator, the Son of God! God Himself. The Holy Trinity.

Have faith. Return, repent, oh man, re-embrace the holy Gospel and rediscover the beauty of God in you, the whole Universe will be with you and celebrate your new choice, your new life in the infinite beauty of Creation.

Go ahead my children, Fatima is revealing itself in all its parts, the plan is being fulfilled. Prepare yourselves, my children, prepare yourselves with a pure heart, with your Divine Creator Jesus Christ in your mind and heart.

I bless you, I take you by the hand and lead you on this thorny path to the path of eternal joy, where you will have happiness and love forever.

Forward in the name of the Father of the Son of the Holy Spirit! Be that army of holy soldiers that Jesus wanted to create on this Earth through His Most Holy Mother, She who is Coredemptrix in the Work of Salvation. Amen.

Praise be to Jesus Christ. May he always be praised.

Praise be to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Now and forever.