You will understand later

What I do you do not understand now? The same thing happens to us as to Peter: sometimes we do not understand the events that the Lord allows: pain, illness, financial ruin, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one when he was at the beginning of life.... He has higher plans, which embrace this life and eternal happiness. Our mind barely reaches the most immediate, short-term happiness. It even happens to us that we do not understand many human affairs that we nevertheless accept. Are we not going to trust in the Lord, in His loving Providence? Are we only going to trust Him when events seem humanly acceptable to us? We are in his hands, and nowhere else could we be better off. One day, at the end of life, the Lord will explain to us in detail the reason for so many things that we did not understand here, and we will see the provident hand of God in everything, even in the most insignificant.

If before every failure, before the events that we do not know how to discern, before the injustice that revolts us, we hear the consoling voice of Jesus who tells us: What I do, you do not understand now. You will understand it later, then there will be no room for resentment or sadness. "For everything that happens is foreseen by God and ordered to man's salvation and his full realization in glory; if what happens is good, God wills it; if it is bad, He does not will it, He permits it, because He respects man's freedom and the order of nature, but He has it in His power to draw good and profit for the soul even from evil." In the face of events and happenings that make us suffer, a simple, humble, trusting prayer will come from the depths of our soul: Lord, You know best, I abandon myself to You. I will understand later.