A new Paradise

Carbonia 23-11-2022

Here I am for you, my daughter!

My love is infinite, My grace will be upon all those who follow Me with ardent love and absolute fidelity.

I want to give you all of Me, My children, I want to take you with Me to a new world: a world where you will find immense joy and infinite love, where you will have Me at your side, ... forever!

It will be I who will take you in my arms and make you enjoy all that you have never enjoyed on this Earth.

A new Paradise, that Paradise that man has lost because of his disobedience, will be recovered today by My new people who have been in obedience to Me.

See, my children, how much you have lost by your disobedience, ... by the sin that every day, every hour, every moment, you live constantly.

Satan is strong my children, I know he is strong but I recognize your human situation, but you must rise up and fight also against these situations, go against the satanic seductions, because, if you remain faithful to Me, and in constant prayer, you will have the discernment to understand at the right time.

The attacks of the Devil must be repelled with prayer, fasting and with the "I renounce - I renounce - I renounce"!.... Always renounce his seductions, my children.

The accursed serpent is in his strongest hour because he is destroying all that belongs to me; his vengeance is great against God!  He is taking many souls from Me but, truly, I tell you that I will recover all those that are Mine, I will not leave a single one in his hands, I will bring them all back to Me; I will win them back even with great sufferings, but I will bring them all to Me.

Heaven is waiting to retrieve all the children of God. Heaven is great, the Universe is great, to be visited and inhabited by all those who enter into the graces of God, who enter into life in God, who enter into God.

Today I want to thank you again for your prayers, for your dedication to Me, adore Me always in the Blessed Sacrament, wherever you can, my children, wherever there is Truth. 

Adore and love Me with all your heart, with your good works, with your feelings of love also towards your neighbor.  Embrace all as brothers, share all things, be wise in the things of God and come to your Savior who will soon manifest Himself to all.

I love you, I bless you, I exhort you to be more and more faithful to the Commandments of God, to His Laws and to turn away from the things of the world, .... Quickly!!!

I love you, I long for you. I long to have you soon in my bosom. Amen.